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I'm a fan of using mass defensive spells and then just hacking everything to pieces, with a bit of healing.

If you have a mage, get them to learn and cast the level 5 spell Breach, which takes combat protections off enemy mages so they look really really stupid surrounded by 3 huge fighter types with huge swords.

You can also use elemental damage weapons to disrupt the spell casting of mages under stone skin, since the SS doesn't protect against elemental damage. Sometimes a +1 sword of flame can be worth more than a +4 Two handed sword.

This is nice as well because there are some very cool looking weapons and armor in the game, and wandering around with a glowing flail or Halberd is just cool. Mages get some cool looking defensive spell effects, but it's just not the same.

Good defensive spells are Chaotic Commands, Death Ward, Protection from Evil 10' radius, Remove Fear, and the shorter duration Free Action. which you should cast against mages that stun or hold you. Berserk or Enrage (Berserker and Barbarian classes) are also very good for ignoring nearly all bad magical effects, and the combat bonuses are pretty good as well.
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