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Originally posted by MikeH
I asked Shakey if I could borrow his Baldurs Gate II disks but he said "No, I don't want you turning into the kind of sad loser who would play that kind of game."
turning into?? and you think you really know someone...

i'm still plodding through BG, but every time i go into town i have to desperately resist the urge to buy the BG II and Throne of Baal double pack. The promise of 800x600 and actually using some 3d acceleration keeps drawing me back - i just stand in the shop looking at the back of the box for minutes at a time. ho hum...

i agree with what you said about the silly ad&d rules about remembering spells. I always thought that was a weird part of the game. I guess that's game balance for you - it doesn't make sense conceptually but it makes for a better game.

re: the romance, etc. i thought that the way the characters in your party interact is one of the coolest bits of the game, and shows the effort and care that went into making this series. Anything which makes you give a damn about your characters is a good thing.
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