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AD&D rules aren't a problem. I remember stuff like that too well.

Would have been nice if you could pull up all the bonus tables etc. during the character creation process rather than needing the book. Also the labels that come up over the control icons take ages. I kept getting asked to hurry up doing the training tasks as I was mousing over the icons to find out which one was which. I guess that won't be such a problem when I learn what they all do but at the moment it's a little annoying.

Is there any way to find out what a spell does from the select the spell you want to use bit in the character profile thing when you are in combat or do you have to go back to the spell book? Right clicking in the window at the bottom where you choose the spells doesn't seem to do anything so I guess you can't.

I probably need to pause more often but it takes a fair bit of a concious effort pausing the game at the moment. That's certainly something that isn't instinctive for me. Just slip into RTS mode and try and do everything as fast as possible. D'oh.

Right at the moment I've saved at the very begining of the game, I wanted to go and watch the first episode of Enterprise but I can feel this is going to be very addictive by the fact that I feel if I start playing now I won't get any sleep tonight.

And I really didn't expect an answer to the what's instinctive question. If you could think of something it probably wouldn't be instinctive.
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