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*falls on the floor choking and gasping!*


*grin* You watch more American crap television than _I_ do and I'm American!

But then I am a nerd and don't watch TV as a pastime anywho.

All right, I'm hooked on the food channel and like to soak up all the good recipes. And I like the history, science and biography channels. And the animal channel. And SpongeBob, Johnny Bravo, Courage the Cowardly Dog and Animal Planet. And every Monday if I remember I watch the stand up comedy channel and see what's new out there...but I'm not committed to any one show.

RE: Friends. I must be out of the loop, Qaj will roar with laughter and I will be a bit concerned because it's gone completely over my head--could be the age gap--but I just can't relate. Their issues and concerns are not mine so I don't see what's so funny. In fact, I could get on a soapbox about the things that are supposed to be funny. Qaj says he can't relate either--as in he doesn't think or live the way the characters do, but he enjoys it for what it is. Me, I have to think too much about it.
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