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Originally posted by jsorense
SciFi can be really cool. What have you started?
I just picked up "Use of Weapons" by Iain M. Banks in a used paperback store.

Oh, yeah, Qweeg, you low down antiamerican dweezil.
Have a nice weekend.
You have a nice weekend too you Ala-melican Peeg-Dogg!
I am merely an example of what happens when you let socialists teach history to schoolkids.

Anyway American comedy-shows have de-Radicalized me again (since becoming dangerously Radicalized by reading Rogue State)
This is mainly becouse in the UK the comedy is so crap (and yet we're always banging on about how special and funny English humour is! yeah right, from thirty years ago maybe )

So a few American atrocities are alright so long as you keep pumping over the good stuff (Friends, the Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle etc).

Or Else...
Intermittent Signal.

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