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Ha! Hemingway's short stories rule! I love the Nick Adams' stories especially. I like what Hemingway does with dialog and what he doesn't do that conveys so much.

Graham Greene. I did pick up one of his books recently in my quest for Catholic authors, to see what they did. Now what one did I pick up but not get to read yet...the one about the priest. Rats, can't remember the name.

I've been reading Flannery O'Connor's short stories. Once I read that her 'theme' was 'stalking pride' I have ben re-reading her stuff with all new appreiation. I read that she read and actually corresponded with Thomas Merton, another fav writer of mine, so I am hooked on her.

I also read a Danielle Steel novel.

And...this cool first start to a sci-fi novel....
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