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Hi Qweeg,
It is always nice to read your comments. Yes, it is the same Randy Newman. The guy has written many many fine songs and movie scores, too many to list here. I posted the lyrics to "Political Science" because it reflects the attitude of most people from the U.S. that do not have a clue about the real motivations of our foreign policy. Most people are clueless about how devious we have been.
Notices that I didn't spew the common notion by many apologists that the U.S. is just doing what past empires have done cough G.B. cough so why don't you get of our backs. We should have / should be trying to do better. I did like Jimmy Carter's policy of linking foreign to human rights even if it did have alternative motives.
Well, this has all been argued before, but it is always interesting.
So, cheers dude, and have a nice weekend.
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