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Randy Newman- he the same guy who sang "I'm different"? (don't care who knows it)

After reading Rogue State jsorense, that song you posted seems.... silly, like a Stalinist Russian writing a song about how even though they crushed the Nazi's and try to make a society where everything is free and fair- everybody else still thinks their an evil empire so lets just shrug an nuke em all.

Truth is your average American is wysiwyg, (worrying in Venoms case) but the American Political/Industrial/Military machine is ruthless- expansionist and power-hungry, becouse the American positions-of-power game ensures that only those who play that way get to win (and become President or CEOs and directors of intelligence agencies and security think-tanks etc)

Yanks often ask why come their're always going in and saving countries and are always there whenever their's trouble- risking American lives for some ungrateful foreigner. Its not coz the US is the worlds policman, its becouse in those cases you're invading, aquiring military access, securing oil resources, supporting pet regimes, expanding your hegemony and crushing the enemies of American foreign policy... that's all.

Full Spectrum Dominance and middle-man political imperialism requires always being everywhere. Super-Carrier diplomacy I spoze you could call it

Your media is too government-obediant and introverted to let you (as an American) have any real insight into whats really going on in the world or what American position in relation to others really is beneath all the freedom and democracy spin so... I understand.

Only one country won the second world war- America, other countries just survived without actually being occupied (like Britain) not bad considering the US had no natural desire to fight Nazi's in the first place. Since then- what with Nato (the hegemony protection army) and the Cold War- the States have gone from strenth to strenth. Now the 'threat' of world communism (or just 'some-socialism' in non-hegemony nations) is gone, drug-dealers and Terrorists have conveniently appeared as if from nowhere (not including the terrorists working for American interests of course). This allows America to keep the 'common-enemy' rule of overlordship up to date.

And soon the US will have projection in Iraq, and get all that loverly juicy oil, and setup military-bases 'to protect regional freedom' etc.

Acrtually I'm impressed, I want to see a stratergy game where every winning stratergy employed by the US can be used, Civ3, Smacx and Civ2 didn't quite cover all US patented routes to victory. (really, I mean it- a game like that would really be coool!)

ps- I have locked myself in here to reduce the amount of exposure to distracting time sucking threads I get dragged into in the rest of this place. This won't last of course.

Damn, I've hijacked my own damn thread!
Intermittent Signal.

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