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Originally posted by Mightytree
Good taste, Greg.

Ultima Underworld 1 was actually the first computer game I really got addicted to. I played it 24/7. And Underworld 2 was even better. Too bad a 3rd part was never released. Darkland was really cool too, although it didn't get any good reviews back then IIRC. I liked it a lot though. P:Torment was excellent.

Some other RPGs that were/still are pretty cool:

Fallout 1/2
Wizardry 7 (another old timer ... )

Old games, yeah, I have played a few.

Exodus: Ultima III was the first game I got hooked on, back on Apple IIe computers back at school. Played the Ultima's pretty much from 1 thru IX in varying terms of completedness. And Underworlds I and II. Loved them all, though VIII was a bit of a lowpoint. Underworlds was the first "true" 3D game, before Doom and the like. I do remember hearing vague rumours a few months ago that the blokes that made Underworlds (the original company - it wasn't Origin) were making a sequel of sorts, though I can't remember any details.

Wizardry 1 I played a lot of as well as Bane of the Cosmic Forge (IV, V?), but not a lot of the others - meant to but never got around to it.

Might and Magic 1 I played way back when, and I have played a bit of VI and VII.

Anyone ever play a text-based game called "The Hobbit"? Man, that rocked.

Fallout 1 & 2 I got bored with after a while, I think I'm more a fantasy style roleplayer, goes back to my days of PnP AD&D, MERP, Rolemaster, Warhammer, etc...
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