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Yeah, played BG, skipped TotSC (the expansion - Tales of the Sword Coast), started a new character for BG II SoA (Shadows over Amn) as I really liked the idea of an Undead Hunter (or whatever they're called), finished SoA, bought ToB (Throne of Baal), and never got around to playing it for one reason or another.

IMHO, and taking into account that I haven't played either expansion, BG II is much much better than BG, mainly due to a much better storyline. BG gets a little hack and slash-ish, you seem to spend all your time wandering through endledd variations of wilderness areas for no purpose other than to get to the next wilderness area, so that in the end you can get to your goal. BG II is much more focused in that regard.

And of course there's the romance subplots - they're rather ammusing.

NPCs are also much better fleshed out in BG II - they actually have spats between themselves, which is cool, and much better interaction with the PC.

Definately some of the best RPGs I have played, along with (in no particular order - and just in case anyone is after alternatives):
Planescape: Torment - great storyline, even if I did get bored with it
Darklands - roleplaying in medieval germany as they perceived it back then - brilliant even if it is old
Ultime IV, V, VII & Underworlds I and II - one of the best series
Icewind Dale - nice little hack and slash, even if the story was a bit thin. Uses the BG engine from memory.
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