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That was last week- this week I has begin to reading:

Fallen Dragon

By Peter F. Hamilton

I only just started reading this. So far its interesting, although the guy sometimes lets technologies and histories get in the way of moving the plot forward.

Actually some early chapters of the story are so reminiscant of something I wrote before I'd read this its offputting. You probably won't have the same trouble.

Blue-grass and rich-kids
I guess tearing up copies of stuff I wrote and waving a bottle around whilst out of my nut on alcahol and smashing stuff up and having to be restrained by concerned friends and shouting words like "POINTLESS DERIVATIVE FUCKING CRAP!" at the top of my voice whilst in the throws of one of my many angst ridden creative rages now has much more of a context.

Seems like an alright book though, so far.

(ps- I wuz joking, I've never had a 'Creative Rage' in my life)
Intermittent Signal.

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