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This week- I has mainly been reading:

Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower

by Some Guy... er, I mean William Blum

America is Predetory, and no defender of the weak, extensive and repeated use of chemical/biological and radioactive weapons against those humans that get in its way should serve as a warning to others. Its notorious inteference unit the CIA, and the intelligence unit the NSA, and various other coersive bodies such as the NED (National Endowment for Democracy) have been stamping American interests deep into the flesh of the world in a multitude of scary ways for a long time now.

You don't believe me- Rogue State conveniently lists the documents of proof.

It may be shocking (should you decide to read this well bibliographied book) to discover that in many instances America didn't just accidently work with so called unsavouries whilst trying to bring about 'democracy', it actually created the many unsavouries (most notably in South America) teaching them to torture, to target dissident families, various methods of assasination etc- as well as providing chemical weapons to Saddam and encouraging him to use them.

Americas atrocities in Nicaragua and El Salvadore and Granada are well documented (if not completely) by Rogue State- and its chilling biological warfare attacks against Cuba (its agriculture as well as its human population) makes for deeply unsettling reading.

Although I've always suspected Americas mission statement was to forward the Causes of the Rich World Wide and create and support brutal fascist states whenever possible whilst victoriously re-writing history to make it look like it is the champion of free people everywhere- I still came away from reading this document feeling cold and scared. It kind of reminded me of that bit in Nineteen Eighty Four when Winstons torturer describes to him the world view of the state of Oceana's leadership "Imagine a boot, smashing down on a human face, forever and ever and ever" or something like that anyway.

America is a dictatorship- it just does most of its dictating in foreign policy. The record of US veto-voting in the UN read like a a story I once saw called The Bully, were America seems to be against improving mankinds lot internationaly on General Principal.

If I seem Anti-American now, thats coz it seems like the rational attitude to take.

Having said all that- I'd also agree with this:

-And one last nit picking item, the premises of the book is the overall U.S. foreign policies that negatively effect other nations in the world, therefore I did not think the author should have kept throwing in internal American police force items and internal military staffing items. They were interesting, but would be better suited in another book. It left me with the impression that he was trying to beef up the book with any anti government / establishment comments he could find. At one point I thought we were going to fall into the whole anti gun control / Ruby Ridge - Waco arguments.

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