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Having seen the start of Baldurs Gate 2 that does make sense.

Actually I started playing it. Got round about three corners or something before one of my party nearly got killed. Not my fault I didn't think, he got a couple of criticals on him but apparently that means I'm the worst Baldurs Gate player ever. *shrug* Personally I blame my teacher.

Aside from that few minutes I've never played any of this kind of RPG as a computer game which is weird because I'd probably quite like them bearing in mind the amount of time I've spent playing real RPGs in my time. Might borrow Shakey's BGII disks, I've got my save game on my PC still and I should be able to heal whoever it was that was nearly dead somehow I think. Actually I never really understood why Rachel thought things were going so disasterously. To be honest I really didn't have a clue what was going on though.

Only problem with it for me really is that I find the AD&D magic system quite unintuitive, and annoying. Well in the real RPGs I do anyway, and the system looks pretty much identical. Having to sleep to memorise spells etc just seems so absurd. What do they do? Put learn as you sleep cassettes into their Walkmans at night? I'm not sure I'd be able to avoid all spellcasting in a full game of BGII so I'd probably have to learn it. I have a quite strange dislike for magic users as PCs as King_Ghidra knows.
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