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Baldur's Gate

So anyone play this? Like it?

I really got into this again recently (now that i've replaced my burnt out athlon). I used to play a lot of AD&D back in the day, so i was slightly presupposed to enjoy it. (Actually i really liked Eye of the Beholder on the amiga back in the day too.)

I think it's a really nice implementation of the RPG. Nice graphics user-friendly, hard, and occasionally frustrating, but also very rewarding. The whole thing just exudes a lot of care and effort in its making.

Now i'm talking about the original here, not Baldur's Gate II (which i seem to remember seeing Rachel play round at MikeH's when she was on her grand tour ) I plan to carry my party forward into Baldur's gate II when i'm finished but i want to get full enjoyment out of the orginal first.
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