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Originally posted by Darkstar
Shining1, that won't cover them. Read it literally. It is in no way a warning that damage may result. The only thing it warns of is 'Don't do this if you want to enjoy non-cheating play'.

It would be like putting a label on a chainsaw blade 'It's not a good idea to stop blade with hand.' It is just NOT plain enough. And a humorous 'We are not responsible for anything.' would not stand up in civil court. Its a joke disclaimer. Those have been found 'non-binding' because they were intended as a joke.
We need to differentiate:

US court: Big evil company! You pay 1 million $ in punitive damages to the poor guy who ruined his ccomputer due to your advice. And another 10 million $ for mental cruelty.

Any other court: Bruauahahawaah! Oh hell, what a jerk, Ouch.... thanks for making my day. Gotta tell the colleagues now...hahaaa....
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