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There are some things in this country you don't question.

Unfortunately for the dicks, we have democracy and we question everything.

I was wondering. FYROM (former yugoslav republic of macedonia) is grapped by two powers. On one hand NATO, on the other Russia. It is for sure that if it doesn't enter the EU and NATO it will be dissolved.

Greece doesn't stand to gain from a divided FYROM. Although it controls albania to a very large degree, peripheral powers (turkey) have long sharp claws digged deep in through muslim affiliation.
That's ok. Completely controlable.

However a split FYROM will mean a resurgance of the megali idea (big idea) of the albanians. Which is funny that the pearl of the balkans (Greece) has transfused its blood of expansionist warfare to virtually all its neighboors. And although Greece has long done away with this idea, the blood transfution to its neighbors hold strong hundrends of years on and they try to imitate the greek "dream".

That's ok too. Completely controlable.

However I have to say, if some poor devils want to call themselves macedonians, can't we find a mutually acceptable solution?

Although Greece shoundn't rush.

Yeah without NATO FYROM will dissolve. But then again albanian megali idea-ism will then be uncontrolable which will again fuck up NATO beyong recognition.

Hence we win if we compromise. We win if we don't compromise.

It's just sad to see such nationalism. That's all

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