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Hello counterpeeps.

I wondered if you'd check out my new project?

I'm making music and music videos and giving them all away for free. In return I hold my hat to the world for tips via

The music is kind of psychedelic sorta synthy rock-electronica. I'm basically only using technology that was available in the 70s. So talk boxes, moogs, mellotrons, theremins, flutes, etc

I'm working full time creating all this stuff with no guaranteed return but then that's the same for all musicians in the post piracy era. Having been on major labels and indie ones I think giving music away and working for tips is actually now the most sensible model. But I am a test case out of everyone I know. It's a huge gamble but Patreon is the first model I've found that makes me think "screw it, go for it". If you like the music I'd LOVE a tip. If you do tip me you get loads more cool secret stuff every month - podcasts, blogs, remixes, new music etc

Patreon is used by people like Niel Degrasse Tyson to support his podcast. I want to convince all the bands I know that they can make music without losing money with the podcast model.

Anyway, enough of my yacking. I hope you enjoy the music and videos and I extend my hat your way. X


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