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I have read "The Long Earth.". Some interesting concepts. But not interesting enough for me to continue. I guess I am too jaded.
I am going to revise my opinion. I have read The Long War (2013) while lounging next to the pool in Kaua'i. �� The book is entertaining and full of interesting ideas. In fact maybe too many. It seems to me that Pratchett (RIP) and Baxter strung a bunch of short story ideas on the prop of infinite Earths. Still, a good read and I will give it a generous 4/5. How can one be mean in Hawai'i? I will take The Long Mars with me on the red eye home.
Time for more sun block, a G & T, and to turn over.
"I wonder what became of all the Rockers and the Mods.
I hope they are making it and they've all got stead jobs,
Oh but rock and roll still lives on,
Yeah, rock and roll still lives on. "

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