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Originally Posted by MoSe View Post
Did they actually bought such a prolific striker only to keep him as BACKUP fwd on teh bench??? At least he got in in the end as LIV needed to win, and indeed they scored 3 minutes later (alas he wasn't involved in the action).
It's an interesting question, they strengthened the squad at least in part because they are in the Champions League this season, and will rotate players, so he'll get games but not sure how many. He's also getting on a bit 33 or 34 or something. Hence his cheap price despite playing for a top side.

Originally Posted by MoSe View Post
BTW, I found BBC Live Scores page MUCH MORE useful and readable from mobile than the BPL site one. Don't you think so? or is it just me?
Oh yes absolutely.

If you can get the BBC Sport app in Italy that's quite handy.
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