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GW1 - 1 match to go preview

remarkable formatting yesterday btw, from an old Galaxy S3...

as I said, as subs get added in FPL site only at the end of the whole GW, I tried to anticipate them
after all they're rather obvious and the "formation respect" subs rule seldom has to be applied (so far)

some explanation:
I try to count the # of players used to build up the total, breaking them down in Starters and players form Bench who already are sure to get in.
I also highlight the # yet to play: ">" (either starters, or from the bench in case you have an absent starter and 1st sub hasn't played yet).
Then I break down Starters points from those I added for known subs, separating also the Captain points.
We see indeed that between Giroud and Ramsey, there's a 9 points "Captain gap"
and even with a good team, a wise or wrong choice can make all the difference in the table (at least roundwise)

            used    points   avlB  >To play
        gw  S B >   S  C  B
Belmont 62  9 1 1  39 10 13  2      Cahill
Trollsl 52 10 1 -  44  6  2  -      -
Balls   48 10 - 1  41  7  -  2      Diego
4-1-6   44  8 - 3  34 10  -  1,3    Cahill, Ivanovic, Fabregas
Top6fin 41  8 - 3  31 10  -  9,1,-  Terry, Hazard, Diego
Schubbe 36  8 1 2  31  2  3  2      Cahill, Hazard
Monkeys 36  9 1 1  33  2  1  1      Terry
Glum Fb 35  8 1 2  27  7  1  13*    Filipe Luis, *Diego
Stairwl 34  8 - 3  33  1  -  3,13,5 Terry, Hazard, Fabregas
with "avlB" I anticipate the points available from the Bench, in case those yet to play fail to do so

- you can see that Trollslottet have completed their GW and to the 50p showed in the current table they'll only add 2p from Fraizer Campbell in place of Geoff Cameron
- while Belmont are already sure to sub Ben Davies, bringing in Sigurdsson's 13p! with Cahill yet to play too
- for 4-1-6 I don't report the 1p available from 3rd sub, as they have 2 Def to play and only 1 Def left on Bench, so they won't be able to use all 3 subs in any case
- Top 6 have 9p from Clyne ready as 1st sub, so they might actually "hope" that one of their 3 Chelsea players doesn't play tonite
- Stairwell look to have taken an escalator going the wrong way if all their 3 Chelseas play tonite, they'll leave 21p on the bench, while starters Arnautovic, Bojan & Giroud only got 5 together. Giroud also turned out to be the worst Captain choice...
- Glum can only use 13p fron 3rd sub in place of Diego Costa. In Defense they alredy used O'Shea in place of cameron, and 2nd Def sub Figueroa didn't play. So, if Mou doesn't employ new signing Filipe Luis (favoring for instance Terry-Cahill-Ivanovic-Azpilicueta) they'd keep a 0 in Defense, and if Diego Costa plays (how can't he?) they'd lose out points unless he scores 2
Re: my Infinite Monkeys, FPL table currently places me 6th, but all teams behind me (and by just 1 or 2 pts) have more players to play tonite, so I'll probably end GW1 at table bottom, as I had posted earlier
that's just right, I pay the rookie toll
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