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Originally Posted by MoSe View Post
naaahhh... besides, I know barely nothing about EPL players except top ones, and I know I'd force mysel to stay at the office till 9PM on fridays, or to play last changes mainly from mobile, for which I should purchase the app....
EPL knowledge doesn't often translate into fantasy knowledge, I did just fine in the past and I'm certanly no expert. The only real big difference from the fantasy world cup is player values change during the season so identifying undervalued player early on is important.

I never had problems accessing the site from a smartphone in the past (unlike the frigging world cup one) and didn't even know an app existed.

Originally Posted by MoSe View Post
could I join in, say... at gameweek 8 ?
Funko is naive As an italian (and thus a cheater by nature) I read that question as "Can I register a gazillion teams and then join the League later with the best one of those? Will points earned in previous rounds count?"

I'm not sure if they count but I'd prefer people to join at the start

I have always had some trouble in august as I don't exactly know who the actual starters are and so on, I usually spend the wild card for transfers early to address that
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