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uncle paiktis

the new generation, better, faster, smarter, slicker has commenced
dear cousine today gave birth to a beautiful healthy 3,8 kilogram baby girl, something which makes me an uncle for the first time in my life.
i provided the newly born baby with a fuxia/pink fluffy giraffe that sings a funny lulalby when you squeeze her.
my first gift to the new generation of the family.
daddy cried somewhat (he's only 30 years old) and the whole family (and daddy's family) has shitted its collective pants with joy.

there were some complications, namely the baby wasn't in a rush to be delivered, it thought it was all cozy and fine inside, so despite the doctors efforts and medecins, that didn't change.
so it was deemed too dangerous for the baby to remain inside, and a ceasarian section was decided.
it was done. everyone is fine mom and baby.
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