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Growing up we had a dog which would climb up on the kitchen counters and grab everything which wasn't nailed down. Fruit, left overs, dirty dishes, it didn't matter, if it was up there she wanted it. If someone was there then she wouldn't do it but the second you turned your back she was like a vacuum cleaner. I remember my sister was about 13 and had just baked her first apple pie by herself, it was one of those fancy ones with the cross piece top to the pie crust, and after she had set it out to cool she went into the other room to watch tv. She came back to find the dog had pulled off the top crust of the pie and eaten all the filling out of the pie. The dog then had diarrhea and a stomachache for like two days!

That dog would also go through the trash every time and it got so bad we ended up just permanently storing the trash can on the counter hoping she couldn't reach it.

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