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Six likes Pittsburgh! We're visiting Grandma and Grandpa T. Grandma doesn't get around so good, so Six has a captive belly scratcher.

This week she surfed a loaf of bread off the table while we were out. She saved most of it for us, though. Yum.

Thursday we dogproofed the food and she took the top layer of trash out of the garbage. Should have used the lid. Pizza-grease stained napkins are delicious and high in fiber. She couldn't reach the old chicken bones at the bottom, lucky.

Grandma's house was not set up for pets. When Six is lonely and anxious, she eats. Who doesn't?

She's lost 4 of the nineteen pounds she needs to drop (as of about a week ago... I'm guessing the hills around here have burned off a couple more).

We found a good home for her, we thought. Then the lady, who worked from home and liked to hike (perfect), lost her job.

If we still haven't found a place for her by the time we go to NZ next year, we'll probably keep her.
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