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First, surrendering owner provides name of vet so we can obtain medical records. Vet contacted... there are no records. Lied about fleas, lied about "no medical reason for the urination problem", lied about ever taking the dog to a vet at all. I wonder if it's possible to kick someone in the balls hard enough that they choke to death on them. The guy sought out a "rescue" dog, somehow got approved (there's someone else that needs slapped), and then ignored the dog. The dog has no idea what she did wrong, but she got picked up from the only home she ever had and dumped with total strangers because the people that accepted responsibility for her just won't deal. She waits until I'm not looking directly at her outside before she'll sneak a three second pee, because she got yelled at for it constantly and thinks it's bad. Today, for the first time, she went while on the leash - alone with my wife, so three guesses which sex she's afraid of.

Weight upon first placement, age three, 41 pounds

Current weight, age seven, 59 pounds!

Heartworm negative, no UTI, no major health problems beyond weight and some really filthy teeth (and one dead gray tooth that will eventually have to go). The age and the submissive dribbling are strikes against her, she's also peed all overherself twice while asleep. Fortunately the little porker sleeps on the slate hearth because it's cooler than carpet. No way to place her until that's resolved. There's a drug for her incontinence, one of the two that are in phen-fen. It's made by drug compounders, which is a huge risk, but one we may have to take. We're hoping if she learns it's ok to go, she won't go to sleep with a full bladder and the issue will be resolved that way. As an old-ish female spayed dog, it could have nothing to do with her fear and just be her. Then, it's the drug or nothing.

She did get a great new tablet product that got rid of the remaining fleas OVERNIGHT. I'm not a fan of ingested drugs for that, but this was a case of extreme infestation. Risk-reward.
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