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I never paid for MoM, I grabbed it off of underdogs a few years ago. Pretty great game, especially for something made last century. I played it on an old laptop a lot when we were on long trips.

I played AoW, but never got around to Shadow Magic. I got frustrated with the late campaign of the original game.

Moo 1 and 2 are both a lot of fun. Moo 1 seemed to do a lot of things better than 2 (I guess I like sliders). Weapons and combat seem a lot more balanced as opposed to the bigger is (nearly) always better I get in Moo2. Even though it seems like being able to pick specific research targets would be better for strategy, I have more fun with the randomness of research in Moo 1. Depending on what comes up, I have to adjust my gameplay, instead of starting each one with the same tried-and-true research plan. What a horrible looking sentence.
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