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Yesterday, Hampton Court Castle. Very fun, lots of King and Queen stories, including everyone's favorite, Henry VIII. Awesome garden. Surprisingly interesting kitchens, I blame the historical food scientists for this. First snag on trains/tubes occured this day. Line maintenance forced us to bus across a train stop. Hard to figure out where to go, signs cryptic, and transport people were somewhat hard to find. This is the day I learned that not all big red buses are tourist buses. In fact, most of them aren't. This makes much more sense now.

Tower of London (actually inside this time) and St. Paul's (which was closed for a memorial service). The Tower of London is a busy place, lots of heads to chop and probably dingding kicking. Henry the VIII's armor is here, and it suggests that the injury he suffered to his leg in a tournament might have been to his "leg". He was certainly careful to protect future kings.

A raven popped out of the bushes and sat on the rail next to my bench. If they ever leave the Tower of London, the empire shall fall. So they cheat, and clip their wings and even keep some in cages. Smart! I'm surprised that Rome never thought to poison them. Much easier than manually targeting a 2m exhaust port.

Today we learned someone had given us an out of circulation five pound note as change (it's fun to trick stupid tourists, I think). One of the shops we tried to use it in said sorry, no. Two banks would not exchange it as well, the second told us to take it to the Bank of England. The third bank we passed by exchanged it with a smile, and it was not a Bank of England. I was not sure it was worth spotting banks all day as we traveled, but Mrs. MDA is happy, so now I think it is.

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