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We took the Thames path from Westminster down across the Tower Bridge and eventually back to the Tower of London. Mrs. MDA wondered why the Barclay's building I called a gherkin looked brown. She also taught me that many old buildings in London are wren's nests or something (that's an architect joke). Then we went and watched the change of the horse guards. The horses looked as bored as the guards. Never volunteer for guard duty.

Then we had fish and chips and stout, and my feet and head stopped hurting. Guinness for health!

Next was the Cabinet War Rooms and Churchill Museum. Mrs. MDA said she was surprised at how interesting it was. I am not always dumb.

Fun games to play on Whitehall:
Count the submachine guns.
Wave at the CCTV camera.

There's another game that they seem to like playing at every crosswalk. People on opposite sides of the street line up facing each other, standing shoulder to shoulder with their teamates. When the signal to walk lights up, everyone rushes the other side in a giant game of red rover. The trick is to roll your hips and torso ninety degrees to avoid knocking someone over on the other team, like Han Solo flying the Millenium Falcon out of the giant asteroid worm's teeth. Alternatively, you can slow down and slip in behind a teammate as they pass through, but you score fewer points this way.

Then we grabbed sandwiches in a mall at a Garfunkel's and chocolate and soda from a Waitrose. In London, they grew their city before building the indoor shopping mall, instead of the other way around, so the mall is very small. This is a little unfortunate in a place that rains so much. Today was windy, but only one brief shower in the late afternoon.
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