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Left forever, London

28ish hours, napped an hour or two on the plane

We arrived at boarding area and had delicious subs about an hour and a half before boarding. Entire hour and a half, Jamacian mon argues loudly with Timothy on phone about business (possibly music business) deal, and tells him other deal guy is a bad person. Timothy should have hung up after five minutes, because listening to the same message over and over again is insanity and hurts everyone's brain in the boarding area. We are all stupider than before we came.

plane had two children, reasonably well behaved, bit of crying during pressure changes, but that's just because it hurts them

about eight people that decided to play musical seats just before takeoff, but included some seats no one had a boarding pass for, requiring intervention from the crew to sort out before takeoff, but now we're ready...

a call for two Islamic names at the last minute, asking them to ring the for assistance if they had boarded the plane (worst case, their luggage had been loaded and they had gone away, which would have required unloading their luggage and possibly disembarking the plane), but the man and his young son showed up, man bellowing at crew, he wants to sit with his son, son crying loudly; crew explaining that if he wanted a favor, waiting until last call for boarding to show up and ask was not the best way to get it; sit down, or he will be removed... Stewardess gets passenger to trade window seat next to father to little boy, father calls the stewardess a son of a bitch and proceeds to tell her that he's being mistreated (read: being denied special treatment, which he was in the process of getting) because of his name (more insistence man sit down quietly or be removed), then man sits, shuts up, and does a complete Dr. Jekyll, performing heroic patient father talking with boy and stops the crying (they sit right behind me).

Moderate turbulence most of trip, "remain seated and belted" light on most of trip, many people (including small child who wants to stand on seat) ignore light, warnings from crew, broadcast warnings from crew, broadcast warnings from pilot, but no one is ever in any trouble. Very strange.

London Tubes are awesomely easy. Oystercards are like DC metro cards, but better, because there are more lines to ride, and all the lifts (haha, lifts) and escalators seem to work. When the drivers tell us something over the loudspeakers, it doesn't come out as a crackling hiss, but as actual words.

Westminster Abbey somewhat interesting, much too crowded to be really interesting. Suspect I walked on some interesting people and never realized they were there. Someone should let the Kansas Board of Education know that Charles Darwin is buried in a church. They should youtube this revelation so we can all watch their tiny heads pop. Special man took pictures inside the Abbey despite signs saying no everywhere, and nice man at door saying no. I have tinnitus and jet lag and can hear it clicking as he pretends to hold it to his chest. Tempted to suggest he is wasting battery walking around with camera on when he can take no pictures, but then he would know he is not the only ass in the abbey, just the biggest one. Best to keep that a secret.

Mary Queen of Scots is buried near Elizabeth that killed her for trying to kill her. I wonder what they talk about?

Buckingham Palace has a princess' wedding dress in it. It is very small and I don't think a real person could fit in it. Suspect it is a scale model. Also a somewhat interesting place, but I was much too tired at that time for it to be really interesting. I took some pictures of the little red men in funny hats outside.

I had a New York Hot Dog (yay, hotdogday for me) and an Americano Coffee for lunch outside the tube station. I needed comfort food. Sue me. I will try to eat fish and chips with a pint of stout every day to make up for it. Make that two pints.

Something is wrong with the grass here. Real grass should be crispy and brown, and smell like weak tea. Theirs is green and soft, like spoiled undercooked bacon.

My camera is a bigger than the Japanese man's I saw at the palace.
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