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hardcore mode: adds weight to ammunition, requires doctor bags or doctor's visit to fix crippled limbs, changes healing items to heal over time instead of instantly (still pretty fast) and implements food, hydration, and sleep requirements (those last three are silly easy to meet)

I kind of like it, I actually had to gimp around for a bit with blurred vision and a broken leg instead of just popping a couple of stimpacks to fix it.

The game still has stupid karma issues - like taking items lying around that belong to a dead person, even one you didn't kill, is still a negative. Minor, but you'd think they could have ironed it out sometime in the last couple of years. It's particularly bad because you can be at war with a faction on behalf of another faction, get a karma boost for killing them, then lose a little for looting their stuff. Fortunately karma is unimportant compared to faction standing anyhow.

Geckos are back! This is awesome. Yes, they can be skinned. They even seem to hang out near radioactive puddles of water.
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