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On the block/might blow argument - you are more likely to win your blocks with block. Mightblow is only usefull if you can win that block in the first place.

If your a ST4 player (saurus/chaos warrior/Black orc) then you are already going to be getting 2d blocks in most 1:1 fights, in this case mighty blow makes sense.

If your a STR3 player then unless you are suported most blocks will be 1d, block then makes it much more likely you will win that block.

On the other hand mighty blow is most usefull in attacking players - I tend to use my CWs as defensive players - they tie up a lot of opposition as most teams will have to gang up on them to get even a 1d block. 2 human players attacking a CW only get 1d, with block they then need a defender stumbles or defender down roll if I have block - 1/3 chance compared to 1/2 without block. I generally go block on 2 CWs, and guard on the ohter 2. the 4CWs supporting each other become very hard to crack. I tend to put mightblow on a BM often one that already has frenzy. With the horns skill they are going to be making most of the blitzes with frenzy theres a good chance of making lots of blocks.

Hell if your after cheap SPP take Pass and just lob the ball around!
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