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Blood Bowl Newbie Training Wheels League

Ok. This league is for players who want to be involved in Season 3 of Blood Bowl, but need to get some practice in first/create a slightly higher value team. I think it should be starter teams only. And for newbies only (plus Illi).

The league is here:

Follow the instructions in the Season 2 thread for creating your team.

I suggest before building and submitting your team you read carefully some of the guides for your chosen race (and maybe ask here for advice).

Links here to some very decent advice about starting builds and race strategy:

General principles (Exceptions apply):

1. Re-rolls, re-rolls, re-rolls. They are at least half price when you pick your team and vital in the game.
2. Apothecary is a luxury you can start without, your starter players are unskilled and therefore replaceable.
3. Cheerleaders, schmeerleaders. Only of use on one of the kick off results. You are better off saving the money to go towards an apothecary, more positional players later.
4. Elf Linesmen are already really good. You don't necessarily need positional players.
5. It's a rare good starting build that has more than 11 players in it.

Oh, and read the Living Rule Book 5.

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