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How to play.

  • Agree a time to play, and which player will host the game.
  • Download your team from the online league and save it to your team directory. Overwrite any old version of the team, do not modify the file name!
    XP: My Documents\BloodBowl\Saves\Teams
    Vista/Windows 7: Documents\BloodBowl\Saves\Teams
  • At appointed game time, log into the counterglow network on Hamachi. Hopefully you'll see your opponent also logged in. There is a very basic chat facility on Hamachi but you are probably better using MSN or something.
  • Fire up Blood Bowl
  • Go to Multi-player then to LAN/Direct-IP games
  • Click the create/host game button
  • Select "Classic" rules and wait for your opponent to join you
Connecting Player
  • Make a note of your host's IP address from Hamachi (displayed next to their computer name)
  • Fire up Blood Bowl
  • Go to Multi-player then to LAN/Direct-IP games
  • Click "Connect to a remote game"
  • Enter the IP from Hamachi and connect
Both Players
  1. You should both now be able to see each other in the game. Pick your league team from the drop down in the top right and when you are ready click "Ready!" when both players are ready the host can launch the game.

After the Match

One player must upload the match report. Agree between you which will do it.
The file is uploaded to the main league page here:

Submitting Match Reports
Match Reports ARE NOT Replay files. I'll repeat that again later. Don't bother trying to upload a replay file, because the system will refuse it.

Immediately after playing a match, ONE (and only ONE) coach should submit the match report. It is important to submit this immediately, because the file that the game generates will get overwritten if you play another match. The file you must submit lives in the following location:
XP: My Documents\BloodBowl\MatchReport.sqlite
Vista/Windows 7: Documents\BloodBowl\MatchReport.sqlite
I'm probably going to wind up adding some kind of measure to prevent accidental multiple submissions, as this has already been a problem with those who were alpha testing the system. But for now, just be careful, as I don't have the countermeasure in place yet.

So one last time.... Match Reports ARE NOT Replay files.

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