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Prospective Rooms

So I need to find a place to live in sweden like last weekend. I talked to people Sat. and Mon. and two people seemed likely.

Person 1 is an old lady, she has internet and a bit apartment which is well kept. She has said that I could have the room and the living room if I wanted, and she wouldn't enter (I am freindly though, don't see the point of saying don't come in). She has a big kitchen/bathroom/and I think laundery facilities. She is about 37 minutes walk away from my work.

Person 2 is a guy, my age? He plays EVE, and rents out the other two rooms that he doesn't stay in (no living room) to people (mostly guys). It is utilitarian but works. Obviously he has internet too. He is about 50 minutes away from my work.

There are other possibilities, but I haven't talked to them. Person 1 I could move in with tomorrow? Person 2 might not tell me if he wants me as a roommate until Friday (although we talked about eve for several hours last night).

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