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Beta1 28-08-2008 07:32:34

I wanted too but couldn't find my discs :(

MattHiggs 28-08-2008 10:07:49

I managed to pick up BG1 and Throne of Bhaal (or whatever the expansion pack was called) for 1 last year. Still not played it yet :(

Greg W 28-08-2008 10:47:05

BG1's expansion was Tales of the Sword Coast.

Throne of Baal was for BG2.

BG2 is definitely worth playing.

MDA 28-08-2008 11:30:04

never quite finished BG1, spent a few hours trying to win the same fight over, and over, and over, and never could seem to work it out

Shining1 28-08-2008 12:30:10

Which fight?

King_Ghidra 28-08-2008 14:50:46

the first one

MoSe 28-08-2008 15:02:42


MDA 28-08-2008 17:22:58

one of the iron throne fights maybe?

Greg W 29-08-2008 01:28:04

I'd be guessing the last fight against Sarevok. From what I vaguelly remember, it was a case of loading up on wands of Monster Summoning and keeping him away form your party until you could wear him down with missiles.

Cheesy, yeah, but otherwise he'd slaughter your party in pretty quick time.

Shining1 29-08-2008 14:07:46

K_G: You kite the wolf while shooting it with your bow.

Greg: You kite sarevok while shooting him with your bow after flash nuking everyone else there with fire bomb potions/arrows/trinket necklace.

Ellipsis 29-08-2008 18:49:39

I seem to forget to use potions (except healing) and item abilities in these games. Nevertheless, I did finish each game twice. Playing evil was a disappointment, though.

MDA 02-09-2008 11:20:14

I may have given that the first game up before I learned how to cheese tough fights with monster summoning.

Greg W 02-09-2008 14:19:53

Yeah, some of those fights were too tough for a low level party unless you were willing to swallow a lot of deaths and many restarts until you fluked a win.

Or discovered a cheesy monster summoning like tactic of course.

MDA 02-09-2008 15:23:58

it was one of the few things I disliked - a lot of big fights were near-impossible without that one spell

I'm getting bad urges to reinstall, but fortunately the WoW beta has eaten up all about about 2 gigabytes of my hard drive. I'm afraid to dig any deeper into that tiny bit of free space. I get enough hiccups as it is.

If I hurry up and finish ordering my new parts though...

Greg W 02-09-2008 15:54:22


I have been sorely tempted to install either BG or possibly finally get around to playing Planescape: Torment. Bad urges, as you say. ;)

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