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Funkodrom 22-01-2002 16:43:12

Can you attack members of your own party? If so I could keep him around and just hit him myself whenever he speaks.

King_Ghidra 22-01-2002 16:54:01

my god 100+ posts and three whole pages - my most successful thread ever, and the most successfulty thread ever in the games board!
I'm so proud :o
I'd like to thank my agent, god, my parents, and all of you for all of your posts
i'm so happy :cry:

Venom 22-01-2002 16:58:50

If you're lucky Mike, he'll get turned by magic in a battle and then you HAVE to kill him. But maybe you can take a swing at party members. I've not tried it.

Funkodrom 22-01-2002 17:11:13

I could strip him of all his weapons and armour and send him into battle on his own.

Venom 22-01-2002 17:44:24

Then he'd die too quickly. You want him to suffer don't you? Chuckle as he gets hit and loses 10 points a hit. Smile when he finally runs away from battle. Laugh uproariously when he gets hit that final time and his body explodes from the impact!

Beta1 22-01-2002 17:59:13

All this animosity towards a game character!

Anyway anyone tried playing some really evil characters - chaotic evil dwarfs, miserable little halflings, dark elves etc. I always end up wandering around as a true neutral fighter/mage or something equally non-commital.

cant remember which game it was but one character I ran into was a druid shapeshifter with a mean werewolf allernate shape. At high XPs you got to become a greater werewolf - serious damage there. You could spend the first half of a battle beating the crap out of them with spells then shift and wade in claws first.

Rather liked the big shapechanging spells in BG2. Great for the 1 moment puny mage, next majorly spell enhanced 16 foot giant.

Greg W 23-01-2002 01:42:07

Heh, I got rid of Dynaheir in the original BG by killing her off, stripped her down to nothing, then sent her up against some Gnolls. Minsc cried for a while, but it was worth it. :D

Shining1 23-01-2002 03:36:48

You can target any of your own characters just by clicking on a weapon and targeting them normally:).

Funkodrom 23-01-2002 09:20:10

Bye bye Anomen. :beer:

Funkodrom 23-01-2002 10:17:01

My sources tell me that Paladins can't resurrect, only clerics and mages with the level 9 wish spell. :D

Fistandantilus 23-01-2002 10:57:44

But Anomen is a cleric...

Funkodrom 23-01-2002 11:06:09

Yes, he's only a Paladin wannabe but Venom said that Paladins could resurrect people.

Fistandantilus 23-01-2002 11:12:06

And you think someone really cares about what Venom says??
Get real!

MattHiggs 23-01-2002 13:05:58

Anyone been inside that spiders nest in the graveyard.... that is one tough battle!

Venom 23-01-2002 13:08:59

I been in there. I think I killed them good. Lost a group member or 2 though.

Great battles with the Vampires last night. Now I'm on the pirate island.

Venom 23-01-2002 13:09:59


Originally posted by MikeH
Yes, he's only a Paladin wannabe but Venom said that Paladins could resurrect people.
He can raise the dead. I swear. I used it last night.

Venom 23-01-2002 13:13:04

And I don't mean that raise the undead spell. I used it in the sewers when Minsc got killed. Lifted him up from the dead. Only had 1 point, but I healed him all up.

Funkodrom 23-01-2002 13:26:02


Originally posted by MattHiggs
Anyone been inside that spiders nest in the graveyard.... that is one tough battle!
I think I saw Rachel do that one. Was tough.

Venom 24-01-2002 13:03:30

Goddamn Irenicus. And Yoshimo fucked me. And he was carrying some good shit.

Fistandantilus 24-01-2002 13:23:07

:lol:! Yes, Yoshimo is a bastard!
Make him pay for his treason!

Venom 24-01-2002 13:31:42

I swear to god if I catch up with that bastard I'm going to kill him, resurrect him and kill him again. Mother fucker. Now I'm in some "gauntlet" getting my ass kicked. I am furious!!!!!

Funkodrom 24-01-2002 13:37:02

Hey, don't worry about spoiling the storyline guys. :rolleyes:

Venom 24-01-2002 13:42:12

Don't worry, this won't change a thing if you have Yoshimo or not.

Funkodrom 24-01-2002 13:52:01

OK, and I knew about that bit of the story anyway but still. Shh...

Venom 24-01-2002 13:53:42

Just trying to describe where I was at in the game.

Funkodrom 24-01-2002 13:56:25

I'm still in the first dungeon. :D

Venom 24-01-2002 14:12:14

Nice. Without spoiling it, I hope, I like the later stages of the game as certain events cost you a great deal.

Funkodrom 24-01-2002 14:15:59

I can't seem to find time to play, and Shakey didn't help by beating my records on THPS3, that's 4 hours I spent playing that last couple of nights. Great game that.

Venom 24-01-2002 14:19:20

I only get to play for a couple of hours a night too. It's progressing slowly so far. Then on the weekends I glut myself on NHL 2002 trying to get to the end of my season so I never play then. Plus I'm going to get Medal of Honor this weekend so I can review it for CG.

On an aside, what effect does installing the Throne of Bhaal add on have on regular BG 2 if you haven't finished the original story line?

Funkodrom 24-01-2002 14:29:58

I'm averaging 2 hours a week. No hours this week so far though. :cry:

If you install Throne of Baal and haven't finished BG2 you still get some of the extra features like being able to press tab and have everything light up or whatever it is.

Venom 24-01-2002 14:34:53

What about the experience cap? Will that change immediately or only when I get to the Throne of Bhaal chapters.

Funkodrom 24-01-2002 14:44:49

no idea. Sorry.

Venom 24-01-2002 14:48:05

I figured as much.

I would think it would, but you never know.

Beta1 24-01-2002 14:51:39

Venom -

Beta1 24-01-2002 14:52:24

Venom - I wouldnt worry about hitting the EXP cap in the un-added on version. Its very high and you wont get too near it for a long time...

Fistandantilus 24-01-2002 14:56:18

The experience cap changes immediatly, although as Beta says it's pretty high in the regular game and unless you're playing with fewer than 6 characters it's unlikely that you hit it.

The story line doesn't change but you have the option to get to the new tower, Watcher's Keep, much earlier (you could go there as soon as you are in chapter 2 although you're probably gonna find it next to impossible for low level characters).

Btw, I recommend installing the expansion if you have it. There are even few improvements in the interface.

Venom 24-01-2002 14:59:29

Alrighty. Thanks guys. I'll install tonight before I play again.

DaShi 24-01-2002 23:09:10


Originally posted by Fistandantilus
:lol:! Yes, Yoshimo is a bastard!
Make him pay for his treason!

I dumped Yoshimo for Jansen. Lot's of entertainment! Replaces any bards you may have for a storyteller. But then I dumped him for Imoen. :(

Get rid of that loser Anomen (best by making him fail the paladin quest :D ). Viconia is much better and hotter! :eek:

Shining1 25-01-2002 00:24:16

Dashi: You got that right:D.

Effects of installing Throne of Bhaal:

1) Nothing.
2) You can press Tab on the screen and all the doors/blue areas where you can click will appear. This is a VERY COOL FEATURE.
3) When you finish SoA, you go straight to ToB without having to mess around with importing or exporting stuff.
4) You can play through watchers keep during SoA.

King_Ghidra 25-01-2002 09:29:23


Originally posted by DaShi

Get rid of that loser Anomen (best by making him fail the paladin quest :D ). Viconia is much better and hotter! :eek:

True - and i love that Animate Dead spell

Venom 25-01-2002 14:37:03

You know. I hate forgetting to save.

Funkodrom 25-01-2002 14:43:05

I spend more time saving than playing.

Venom 25-01-2002 14:44:08

I lost a good 20 minutes and 3 battles last night. Son of a bitch.

Funkodrom 25-01-2002 14:44:59

I seem to be saving before and after every room at the moment. Probably too much but it's all a bit scary.

Venom 25-01-2002 14:47:21

I usually save after every fight. I just wasn't paying attention and then I got jumped and got my ass kicked.

The Shaker 03-02-2002 16:10:26

Har har.
Now i want to take the disks back of mike and resume my quest
I think he'll be clinging to them like a little baby though :(

King_Ghidra 27-08-2008 15:18:04

This thread is so awesome. Half of CG having a massive nerd orgy over this game.

Why dig it up? I started playing BG II this weekend. Six and half years after starting this thread. :nervous:

Funko 27-08-2008 15:23:23


Greg W 27-08-2008 16:18:51


It's cool, I never actually played Planescape Torment beyond an initial install and playing around for a few hours. Kepe meaning to go back to it. One day...

Venom 27-08-2008 20:12:47

I would play Baldur's Gate again. For sure.

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