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BigGameHunter 19-02-2004 16:31:41

Also revisiting "The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood as preparation for why I'll vote Democrat this November.

zmama 19-02-2004 16:56:07

My daughters and I thank you.

Venom 19-02-2004 18:29:22

For reading, or being a deluded liberal ass puppet?

zmama 19-02-2004 18:48:09


BigGameHunter 20-02-2004 10:51:28

Don't worry, if it all goes sideways on us, I'll be sure to "get religion" so you can be my handmaids.
At least I'll let you smoke and drink in secret (provided you aren't carrying my children, that is).

RedFred 20-02-2004 23:17:34

Back when Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale came out twenty years ago, I tried reading it but I couldn't complete it. Too much left wing Anti-Americanness and general looneyness for me.

But I recently saw the movie. I hate to say it, but now in the current GWB Jr. era, the tale suddenly comes across as chilling and effective. I might have to give the book another shot.

BigGameHunter 21-02-2004 19:27:13

It's pretty well done and doesn't seem at all totally unlikely. You'd have a major uprising, but unfortunately, it's now within the realm of remote possibility.

RedFred 21-02-2004 19:58:05

I'll check the library for it.

It the meantime I am reading Forward's Saturn Rukh. Serves me right for whining about soft, unoriginal SF in the other thread. This guy has some interesting and somewhat plausible ideas, but he kind of falls down on the storytelling side of things. Still, not a bad read so far.

Noisy 21-02-2004 23:01:46

Now reading 'The Remains of the Day' by Kazuo Ishiguro.

Went to see the play of 'The Handmaid's Tale' last year. Bit of a minimalist production that I didn't think much of.

BigGameHunter 23-02-2004 11:08:26

You ended your sentence with a preposition. You must still be in shock!

Lazarus and the Gimp 27-02-2004 17:51:44

Re-reading "Into thin air" by Jon Krakauer.

Noisy 27-02-2004 19:09:11

Wot's a preposition? :p

Now reading 'Just Six Number' by Martin Rees, about the fundamental constants of the Universe.

I enjoyed 'The Remains of the Day'. Took me a while to get over the fact that it was written by a bloke with oriental appearance and name. By the end I'd forgotten about that and was absorbed in the story. I'll look out for the film on DVD now, so that I can make the comparison.

alsieboo 02-03-2004 10:16:02

I've just finished reading "They came and ate us - Armageddon II: The B-movie" by Robert Rankin and I'm currently enjoying 'Windfall' Penny Vincenzi and also 'An ordinary lunacy' Jessica Anderson. The latest two are revolving around high flying yong men and their lovers in some way, one more dated than the other, but both high class society trash. Needless to say I'm enjoying it :p

BigGameHunter 02-03-2004 16:13:30

OK...just finished "House of Sound and Fog" (no, I don't have a reading disability, I have kids!!!).
I need a great book with short chapters that I can read in the bath.

zmama 02-03-2004 16:31:41

Fiction or non? ...not that I have anything in mind right now :lol:

QtFLW@Work 02-03-2004 16:37:10


Originally posted by BigGameHunter
OK...just finished "House of Sound and Fog" (no, I don't have a reading disability, I have kids!!!).
I need a great book with short chapters that I can read in the bath.

So something with plastic pages them? I think my youngest kids have something that'd qualify.

Noisy 13-03-2004 13:07:35

Just finished 'Night Watch' by Terry Pratchett. Engaging and well written.

Noisy 15-03-2004 15:23:37

Now reading 'Eats, Shoots and Leaves' by Lynn Truss. This book is right up my street, being dedicated to a discussion of spelling issues that are meat and drink to a spelling nazi like me!

BigGameHunter 15-03-2004 21:56:05

Just started "Chindi" by Jack McDevitt (sp?). A good, brisk second contact type sci fi book. I'm liking his style a lot.

alsieboo 16-03-2004 01:23:27

right, finished the big fat trashy romance, can't find other book, so I'm now reading 'American psyco' Hm.

King_Ghidra 16-03-2004 09:56:51


Originally posted by Noisy
Now reading 'Eats, Shoots and Leaves' by Lynn Truss. This book is right up my street, being dedicated to a discussion of spelling issues that are meat and drink to a spelling nazi like me!
Got this the other day, but haven't started on it yet.

Now into the second Conan compilation. Looks better than the first so far, but that was good fun so i have high hopes.


Originally posted by Alsieboo

so I'm now reading 'American psyco' Hm.

great book. Although i leant it to my sister when she was about 16/17 and i think she found some of it a bit much.

I'll say Rat. And i'll say no more.

BigGameHunter 17-03-2004 19:29:07

I'm ramping up now, baby!
Now reading "Chindi" (good) Siddhartha (re-reading) and picked up "Into the Wild" (forget the author but he's a really good travel/outdoor writer type)--a true story about a disaffected rich kid who goes into the woods in a Kerouacian/Tolstoyian fugue and dies of starvation.

Rodgers 18-03-2004 12:11:12

Just finished Albert Speers autobiog. Now reading "The Fall of Crete" by Alan Clark (of The Diaries fame).

Chris 18-03-2004 19:22:00

On a WWII kick Rodgers?

Scabrous Birdseed 18-03-2004 20:09:06

Martin Heidegger, "Origin of Works of Art". Unfortunately.

jsorense 19-03-2004 16:02:28

I finally finished Alastair Reynolds' Chasm City. I thought it was overlong, boring and the three plot lines were never integrated properly. I forced myself to finish it becuz I'm a cheap SoB and didn't want to waste (HA!) my money.

[waiting for Qweeg to explode]

QtFLW@Work 19-03-2004 20:28:12

Isn't it already wasted because you spent it on a crap book? :D

Noisy 20-03-2004 10:59:03

Now reading 'The Lion's Game' by Nelson DeMille. Apparently I should have read 'Plum Island' first.

'Eats, Shoots and Leaves' is an excellent book, however ... I really can't forgive that Nevil Shute was spelled incorrectly (in two different ways) on the cover and in the body of the book: are these folk illiterate?

Noisy 20-03-2004 11:01:25

Oh, and Mr Ense ... 'Chasm City' is a fine book: how you could think it boring, I just don't know.

I can try and do something about the exploding of Qweeg this afternoon ... if he remembers to turn up.

Qweeg 20-03-2004 11:59:06

Don't worry, I'm not going to explo>BANG!<

RedFred 20-03-2004 21:48:56

Finally found the first of Modesitt's Recluse series. I think Chagarra recommended it. Great read.

I am part way through Bujold's Diplomatic Immunity now. That Vorkosigan series is great, but I had to skip one that I couldn't find.

Rodgers 22-03-2004 11:14:37


Originally posted by Chris
On a WWII kick Rodgers?
Yup, lately at least. Now reading "Ill Met By Moonlight" - the book they based the film on - about resistance in Crete during WWII.

JM^3 28-03-2004 01:50:44

I just read all of the black company series by glen cook

it was decent

Jon Miller

alsieboo 28-03-2004 02:07:57

Blood hunt - Ian Rankin as Jack Harvey. I've left AP for a while.

Lady_of_Chicken 28-03-2004 03:29:29

So many books, so little time. :(

JM^3 28-03-2004 04:00:15


during my spring break I read like 13 novels or something like that

and it's not even over yet

Jon Miller

Noisy 28-03-2004 09:53:59

Now reading 'Dr. Bloodmoney' by Phillip K. Dick.

BigGameHunter 29-03-2004 21:00:05 favorite author (well, in the top five or so anyhow). Have you struggled through the VALIS trilogy yet? A pretty good glimpse of what the world must be like to someone who has had a major (or minor?) psychotic "break".

alsieboo 01-04-2004 21:11:32

Dreamcatcher - Stephen King

Noisy 06-04-2004 10:33:48

Now reading 'Project Orion' by George Dyson. During the 1950s and 1960s there were research efforts into spaceflight using atomic bombs as the propulsion mechanism. This story is told by the son of Freeman Dyson; Freeman being one of the people involved in the project.

Immortal Wombat 06-04-2004 17:10:34

Back to the office, so I've started the suitably long Count of Monte Cristo to see me through the next three months of lunch hours.

BigGameHunter 07-04-2004 04:38:06

Well, fuck you too, Noisy!

Noisy 07-04-2004 10:39:19

Sorry, BGH. Not an intentional snub. Just that my focus flits around at the moment.

I find that PKD is a bit hard to take, but I read his stuff for the ideas. He tends to stray towards fantasy a bit too much for my taste. Haven't read the Valis trilogy, but then I think it's the different world view that he has that puts me off sometimes.

BigGameHunter 08-04-2004 07:28:34

VALIS is indeed a very difficult read. If you familiarize yourself with his mental state at the time, it's painful to see what must have been going on in his mind.

For my money "The Man in the High Castle" is his most accessible novel, but I really enjoyed "A Scanner Darkly" as well.

BTW, reading Le Guin's "Left Hand of Darkness" again. Amazingly good book with an extremely plausible and original gender neutrality theme.

Qweeg 08-04-2004 10:08:50

Top book that BGH, she crafts a good world. Still lookin to track down more of her Hain universe stuff.

BigGameHunter 08-04-2004 14:50:05

Wasn't aware she did more in that vein...though I love that book, she's not one of my favorite reads...haven't really given her the chance she deserves, which is shameful, as she is one of this city's residents.
Everyone should give "Noir" a shot-- author's last name is Jeter and he picked up on some of Dick's storylines with approval.

Qweeg 08-04-2004 14:58:56

She's said that her book 'The Lathe of Heaven' was based in Seattle (is it?) where she lives. That's also a top read.

RedFred 08-04-2004 18:39:56

Lathe of Heaven was a pretty good movie too. They sure didn't spend much money on SFX but if you liked the book it is worth a viewing.

Noisy, if you are a fan of Dyson, both son and father, I recommend the nonfiction semi-biographal A Starship and a Canoe

BigGameHunter 09-04-2004 15:27:54

Qweeg~ I live in Portland and last time I noticed she did as well...she's getting pretty old though...might not live here much longer!
And FYI, mistaking Portland for Seattle is sacrilege here.
It's like asking someone if she's a kid's grandma when she's really the mother you fucker!

jsorense 09-04-2004 16:58:10

I have just started P.D.James' "The Murder Room."
I've read most of her Dagliesh mysteries and have liked all of them.

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