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paiktis 06-02-2018 19:24:00

Is that true

a freinchie girl went to live in boston for a year and tells the differences between that and france (which indeed seems very close to greece)

somethings that made an impression

1. is iy true that when you go out with a girl and you kiss, it doesn't mean you're now exclusive? you have to "have a talk" to say you are now not seeing other people? it doesn't go without saying?? (since you kissed????)
What da frack?
she says you can kiss but for americans it doesn't mean anything they can still go around kissing/sleeping with people until you have "the talk"

2. supermarkets don't sell alcohol?

3. you have big cars and it's permitted to take over from the right side too?

4. the prices that are on goods are not the prices you pay because the tax isn't included in the price?

5. it's very bad not to leave a tip because servants are payed by tips???!!!

apart from that she says it's (boston) far safer than lyon and that you're polite and that there's tons and tons of fast food places

Koshko 07-02-2018 04:45:50

1) *shrugs*

2) It depends on the local laws. Here supermarkets sell alcohol but not after 11 PM.

3) Yeah some cars are big.

4) Yup. Taxes aren't included in the price.

5) They are partially paid in tips. Basically big business lobbied a nice little loophole in the laws that says tips are a part of their pay. This allows them to pay servers below minimum wage provided the tips, which servers have to claim for taxation purposes, end up pushing their salary above minimum wage.

zmama 07-02-2018 16:50:14

1) Nope a kiss does not mean exclusive
2)Supermarkets here ( West Virginia) sell alcohol, beer, spirits and wine
3) Over taking on the right is frowned on. Will get you a traffic ticket if the police feel like it.
4) Yeah sales taxes are extra
5)It's nasty not to leave a tip until the laws change to pay servers at least min wage. The server gets taxed on 9% of their expected tips, whether they get them or not.

RedFred 08-02-2018 05:09:13

False - France is not close to Greece

Oerdin 09-02-2018 02:56:28

1) It depends. With younger people that is the norm but which sub group they are a part of matters.

2) It depends on the state. In California liquor licenses are just about every where including supermarkets.

3) Again it depends on the state. In California it is officially an infraction but it is not enforced. This is mostly because the roads are crowded and you get lollygaggers blocking the fast lane so many will just go around them.

4) Republicans like people to see how much they are paying in tax hoping folks will get angry and not simply assume it is the store having high prices.

5) Yes, it is considered bad manners in general though in this state wait staff must get at least minimum wage so that is $10.50 for small businesses and $11 for businesses with 25 or more employees. Many cities have even higher local minimum wages.

Safety is not really an issue if you live in a nice civilized place.

Koshko 09-02-2018 04:26:22

Or in the USA's case, reasonably "civilized".

paiktis 18-02-2018 13:18:32

Thank you for your answers.

Well I have to say #1 feels weird as frack.
Like you are some sort of mass libertarians like sartre and bauvoire but you can't be because you have (american) football.


Anyway. wow. live and learn

very weird

I have currently a cold that I think it's not the flu but a bacterial infection α pharyngitis to be exact which means antibiotics and I'm very sad.
Because it's apokries which is something like haloween without the scary stuff. just happy wigs

paiktis 18-02-2018 13:21:52

it's celebrated differently in different places

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