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paiktis 23-01-2018 12:50:28

heaven is...



Oerdin 24-01-2018 17:32:09

Educate me on types of Greek wine. I am also interested in cheeses beyond feta.

paiktis 04-03-2018 13:20:08

Greek wine varries greatly in all sorts of things. flavor, thickness, price...
the whole country can be one huge vineyeard and its soil is so diversified you could propably find hundrends and hundrends of different flavors. That's no joke btw, about diversification.
Greece is planet earth in smaller scale. It has EVERYTHING

I'm not an expert on wines. However one of my favorites is moschofilero. It's cheap but great quality fruity flavor.
Unlike french wines where they do not exist good cheap ones, greek wines are great throughout the price line.

Cheese. Greece surpassed France as a cheese eating nation and that's not because of surrender. European resistance to nazi germany ~10 days. Greek resistance (and serbian) to nazi germany ~ 120 days.

We resist BUT we also eat cheese.

Feta is a bit of a heavy weight. It has a lot of fat but if you like it why not.

Kaseri (leveti)
Graviera amphilochia or graviera naxou
are great cheeses. especially the last two, you will probably not eat another cheese in your life

anthotyro: this means "flower cheese" this is a very light and great of you don't want the fat that is associated with cheeses. it's very light

paiktis 04-03-2018 15:01:02

Now I will get like 40 liters of pure village extra virgin olive oil.
The best in the world. PERIOD.
For a very good price (180 euros)
I will also give to the family because I love them.

I also bought an italian extra fine wool suit. 400 euros but with rebate.

Mom asked what colour, I replied and she was angry (because she knows the SO likes that color but she doesn't)

I told her, the SO finds me incredibily sexy in this suit.

She said "meh"

Anyway it's a great suit

paiktis 04-03-2018 15:05:14

c' mon pure extra fine wool would make versace dolce and cabanna and whoever else red face jealous.

Now. The guy there said, I work 18 years selling fine suits.

And I thought I needed a larger size but he said NO. THIS is your size.

The SO looked and I changed bigger then smaller size. And she agreed

I said: darn, fine merino italian wool 200 from 400 euros?

Get me some

I'm left wing though you know I don't like suits. But they are needed

paiktis 04-03-2018 15:08:33

Then the SO said I'm going to make you a gift of another suit.
I said NO

What I want now is summer suits. Let's get real those wool suits are for abroad.

I want some summer ones too.

The SO says I'm president of europe with that suit.

I suppose I trust her

But I also need a summer suit.
I have one but one better

paiktis 04-03-2018 15:13:20

paiktis 05-03-2018 18:37:54

next possible destinations

algiers algeria
paris france
brussels belgium
vienna austria
lisbon portugal
tokyo japan

places I want to visit

cork ireland
middle of frecking nowhere somewhere in norway
new york

The Mad Monk 06-03-2018 07:06:31

What are you going to do with 40 liters of EVOO? Doesn't it suffer a reduction in quality inside of a year?

paiktis 06-03-2018 19:32:05

30 liters were given to my family
I'm left with 10.

So it's not a huge amount but it will definitely last a year.

In order for olive oil not to go bad there are some very simple rules to follow.
1) you store it in glass containers. Not plastic, not metal.
2) you keep the glass contaqiners in the shade. That means inside a non transparent box

then you're ok to go the olive oil will be excellent for as long as you like

Oerdin 20-11-2018 09:10:37

Heaven is... A really nice dessert?

Willi 11-12-2018 20:38:23

Heaven is hell (Satre)

zmama 11-12-2018 21:34:23

Heaven is knocking ( Robert Zimmerman)

Willi 12-12-2018 18:57:59

Zimmermann is Jesus profession. I always thought so. He could have made his own cross, now that would have been cute!

Willi 12-12-2018 18:58:25

Yeah, like we all do. We all do!

zmama 12-12-2018 20:07:46

Idiot Wind the whole bunch of us!

jsorense 12-12-2018 20:19:49

But things have changed. :smoke:

Oerdin 13-12-2018 07:09:51

Heaven is... A place on Earth?

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