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Koshko 03-10-2017 02:28:21

How is The Onion now the best place to get news commentary?
Seriously ...

paiktis 03-10-2017 15:31:10

Guns kill people.

Once, there was a politician from the far right that said that greeks should bare arms. bare in mind crime in greece is amongst the lowest in all of europe.

I thought to myself, that would be disasterous. people would start shooting eachother, every sad fuck that didn't get laid would easily claim 10 lives each.

and "greeks only"? they'd sell the guns and make a buck.

thankfully the initative rested in the dustbin of history,

I also had the pleasure of flamboyantly ripping to shreds a papmhlet of said party in front of an inconscicious african women who beamed with joy in a smile at the event (in a bus)

zmama 03-10-2017 19:20:30

paiktis 05-10-2017 13:18:57

The Mad Monk 12-10-2017 15:57:57

When has The Onion not been the best place to get news commentary?

The Mad Monk 12-10-2017 15:59:31


Originally Posted by zmama (Post 1077239)

That cat either needs goggles, or needs to stop slicing onions.

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