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paiktis 07-02-2017 16:47:53

travelling again
everyone take it easy

paiktis 07-02-2017 17:33:06

a little wine is in order

paiktis 07-02-2017 17:58:16

RedFred 08-02-2017 14:20:04

What? No text? Are we supposed to guess what you are talking about?

It is hard to watch the NBA these days. The ball is meant to hit the floor as frequently as each step you take. But the refs have become so lax. You see a lot of blatant travelling and no calls.

jsorense 10-02-2017 08:46:57

I double-dribble all the time. The bib helps. :mr_b:

paiktis 11-02-2017 12:06:55

jes jes! guess!

my posts are like a work of art.
the end result is a culmunation of the perception of the receiver/watcher

they are very interactive

but to be mundane the tripping season begun which means lots of travels for business and beeeeeeeeeer


paiktis 11-02-2017 12:08:28

I also washed by headcap

paiktis 11-02-2017 19:01:22

redfred asked for text here it is

I was in brussels again.

and terrorism questions aside, I'd have a good time apart:

I only hung out with greeks (from work)

they are an autistic bunch

fucking meddle you dimtwits

and I couldn't meddle because I was with them

next time, I'm placing my headcap sideways and I'm going to meddle

plus it was a lot of days

a lot of unesseceray days

I could be with the SO hitting it off here, instead of this autism

anyway I got some cool pictures

My new motto

Fine with travel as long as it doesn't keep me away from the SO for too long

otherwise freck you

paiktis 11-02-2017 19:02:58

and it's not only those days apart

is that you have to write reports

and I want me reports to be top notch, I don't settle for anything else


so freck you honey

paiktis 11-02-2017 19:50:48

I shouldn't be made to work

I should be made to be a lover, walking on strawberry fields pinching the SO'ass smelling the sweet levantine air

It is by mistake that I work

paiktis 11-02-2017 19:51:46

And now I speared ahead the competition and I'm on the "elite list"

which means no fucking around

paiktis 11-02-2017 21:25:04

let's listen to a little song

paiktis 11-02-2017 21:42:04


RedFred 12-02-2017 02:14:29

text - some is good but you can too much of a good thing

paiktis 12-02-2017 02:17:12


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