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paiktis 27-02-2016 08:37:06

I got tickets for muse :D

they were 40 euros for "early birds"
I didn't realize that was for just 2 hours since they were just 300 tickets and they were exhausted through the internet in 2 hours.

so I went with confidence and spirit high in the air and asked for a 40 euro ticket for muse.

they didn't have any so I got the bird and payed 50 euros (plus 3 euros for "trasnaction expences?????")

there are 18.000 tickets and I was 10.000 so by probably tomorrow all tickets will be gone so I'm lucky already

Anyway maube more will be (it will be the second day of ejekt festival)

on the first day there are james and editors but i prefer muse

and now a nice song

paiktis 27-02-2016 09:06:52

it's going to be so great :D

paiktis 27-02-2016 09:53:19

pam param

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