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paiktis 19-01-2016 20:19:49

The most sensitive romantic love song ever

Even if I went through silent nights with you
I tried to gaze into your soul
I tried to steal a little bit more light
But you had already left and I was alone

I tried to see if you understood
But you egoism turned its back on me

So you threw my dreams away for ever
You threw a molotov bottle inside my feelings
And my heart begun to flame up and melt

And then cops at once started running to see what was going on
I was in flames
And they looked on like lost

That's so inspired

paiktis 19-01-2016 21:27:03

We will continue with a nice little other song because there is some sangria involved

paiktis 19-01-2016 21:37:30

paiktis 20-01-2016 22:34:59

we continue our love parade with a time where everything was so possible and free

paiktis 20-01-2016 22:50:28

You're sweet girl but it's a cruel world

paiktis 20-01-2016 23:02:49

and of course we have mother on the other end

paiktis 20-01-2016 23:10:34

but it relly doens't matter one way or another :lol:

paiktis 20-01-2016 23:41:15

what happens is this

and is completely by chance

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