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Walrus Feeder 09-05-2016 23:17:53

I was glad Moreno played for Liverpool i was fearing he would be rotated for the upcoming Chelsea game when there's less chance of a clean sheet. Good to see Sanchez score, especially as i went to the game!

MoSe 11-05-2016 09:24:19

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by MoSe (Post 1070192)
I scored 48 but took two hits (-8p), one to bring in Matial for Kane :rolleyes:
so Walrus actually gained 3p over the weekend

this DGW is far less rewarding so far,... we have quite different lineups so it could still go either way.... (which is not what I had planned/expected)

Focusing on our title race only, canceling out same players:
Walrus: Payet, Rojo, DDG, Defoe, Coutinho
MoSe: Antonio, Smalling, Deeney, Cathcart, Gomes, Lukaku, PVA, Mannone, Firmino, 2*Hazard

glad for Martial brace, after fearing he'd miss both games
but we had him both, so no change
good getting some points from Payet too, but you had him Captain, so you gained

so I went from -12p to -15p to -19p now
Attachment 4028
my BB should yield its rewards tonite, with 10 scores to come in (9 players + C bonus)...
although I can't say whether I'll bag as little as 12p, or a jackpot 50p from them

we both play Moreno, the rest are all different:
Walrus: +19p +Defoe, Coutinho
MoSe: 2*Hazard, Firmino, Lukaku, PVA, Mannone, Deeney, Cathcart, Gomes

Costa ruled out
but that will only affect Debaser defending 5th place from EiF comeback

Sturridge (and all Liv here) and Pedro will start, no subs for Funko
Aké on the bench, +1p sub for novacane unless he gets in later

MoSe 12-05-2016 13:47:27

comment during GW 33

Originally Posted by MoSe (Post 1069827)
the long chase is over :D but not the race yet ;)

In summary, I fully expect and accept Walrus to take the lead back over GW34-35, but I'll coil to spring forward again in the run-in

A very interesting league race!
Good luck to us all, and may the best win :D

Walrus kept improving his rank regularly, while my navigation of the DGW/BGW has been a rollercoaster!
a spike, a sheer fall, now an incredible GR 202 in the 2nd DGW
Walrus himself had an excellent GW, with his 3rd best GR in the season., but I gained 40p, from -12p before the GW, to -19 during it, to +28 in the final day

Of course nothing is sealed yet, as Walrus misclicked/forgot to deploy his TC on Sanchez 25p in GW34, passed it now too (Payet 12p) and he has it still available now.
I presume he'll play it on Sanchez(AVL), but it could also be Martial(BOU) or Kane(new). In any case he'll have an advantage for the final sprint and chase.


2122        MoSe        =
2094        Walrus        - 28
1986        novacn        -112
1963        Funko        -127
1889        Debasr        -233
1843        EiF        -279

Walrus Feeder 13-05-2016 22:48:46

That was some cracker of a week you had. I was thinking of bringing Van Aanholt in but chose Cresswell instead. I really need a great last week wit my Triple captain to get a minimum double figure (before tripling) With Arsenal home to Villa there could be a thrashing on the cards especially if there's an early goal but difficult to rely on any of the 'big clubs' dishing out huge wins this season. I do recall years ago when Arsenal beat some team 7-2 or something like that on the final day and someone in one of my leagues jumped from nowhere to 1st with Pires as captain after he scored 4 and got 2 assists or something mad like that. Whatever happens it's been a fun season and my best for a few years i think.

Funko 16-05-2016 12:31:48

Gah, the whole year was a struggle a brief positive blip near the end thrown away and ended all leagues about the place I'd spent most of the year.

MoSe 19-05-2016 12:03:45

Thank you all for the FPL season

Congrats Walrus for your continued challenge and improving performarce,
your best FPL ranking in 5 seasons!
A long chase, then several lead changes in the end, thrilling and entertaining

a pity the last 3-4 gws saw novacane and Funko lose a couple hundred Ks
Hopefully next season Beta, Fist and Bas might carve some more time and keep some interest alive to manage their teams thruout the season and not leave them dead

maybe next week I'll table/chart CG League Monthly/Quarterly records too

MoSe 19-05-2016 12:07:49

both my seasons had a similar development
this time I ended to almost halve my rookie season final ranking,
althoug up until before the cracking DGW37 BB I wasn't even sure yet I could match it!

Fistandantilus 24-06-2016 19:53:38

I forgot my FF password and could not make changes to my team. :(

Fistandantilus 24-06-2016 19:54:11

Also I find it disturbing that you didn't start a fantasy euro one. The shame.

MoSe 28-06-2016 10:04:38

it's not me usually starting games or CG leagues here...

I'm in
usual crap McDonald WC games interface and rules
joined the Fiso league
Had a bad round 3, then yesterday I captained Dier instead of Giac :rolleyes:

Fistandantilus 28-06-2016 10:14:32

Had a horrible Rd 3 tooo.. I thought Croatia and Spain were going to do good, boy I was wrong

And Alli was my captain :rolleyes:

MoSe 28-06-2016 10:25:27

btw welcome back Fist, howdy?
hope you're thriving, except for your pwd memory
(don't they have a "did you forget your password?" thingy? :p )

Fistandantilus 28-06-2016 15:18:18

Getting old apparently :p You? All fine?

The psw recovery system assumed the mail I registered from was still working and not a temporary one I created on the fly while registering :p

And now the site is on maintenance it seems

MoSe 29-06-2016 06:11:09

yeah, but for a few days, if you still have the links, it lets you access your team/leagues without logging in, should you want to review the season ;)

PL starts Aug 13, I expect FPL to open mid July at latest

email reply to FFS member:

We can confirm that the Ultimate game will not be running during the 2016/17 season.
As part of a major overhaul of the Premier League’s digital properties,
we’re focused on rebuilding and improving the free to play Fantasy Premier League game in advance of the new season.
So while UFPL may return in the future, it will not be available this August.

MoSe 29-06-2016 06:20:18

rumours it might become like Daily Fantasy :(

Fistandantilus 29-06-2016 14:25:18

I've no idea what Daily fantasy is... I'm assuming is bad?

MoSe 29-06-2016 18:15:31

I've no idea myself, try checking Draft Kings
something you need to follow everyday, with no planning, succesful gaming market in UK to milk online followers

Fistandantilus 29-06-2016 18:19:28

Oh my...

MoSe 05-07-2016 05:58:42


Originally Posted by MoSe (Post 1070912)
yeah, but for a few days, if you still have the links, it lets you access your team/leagues without logging in, should you want to review the season ;)

PL starts Aug 13, I expect FPL to open mid July at latest

no longer available
past season lniks now land you on the new FPL theme and layout, past season data gone
For now it's just a Coming Soon page, lime green and dark purple, like Wimbledon on acid.
Some find it horrbile, still better than the undistiguishable FFFix pastel colors, as long as the functionality works, I can adapt to that

Fistandantilus 05-07-2016 19:44:09

Keep us updated, master.

MoSe 06-07-2016 06:38:53

Sanchez, Firmino, J.Ayew, Pedro, J.King, Walcott, Lens, Depay (?), Ibe, Schlupp (!), Arnautovic, Sterling,
all listed as FWD who were MIDs, Schlupp was a DEF even!

MoSe 06-07-2016 06:49:58

btw this season I thnk I'll change Regretful Monkeys AC to WalkalonE XI Team

MoSe 14-07-2016 18:46:03


Originally Posted by Fistandantilus (Post 1063764)
CAn we join already?
(..slow news day in Plymouth ;) )

WATCHING: You'll have to wait to pick Jamie Vardy for your team

THE decision to put information on the launch of Fantasy Premier League 2016/17 season on one of the site's obscure corners has led to accusations that organisers are 'amateur'.

The world's most popular fantasy football game - which last year attracted more than 3.3m entries – officially launches during the week starting July 18.

But getting to that information has been frustrating for some fans, who have been left refreshing the official site due to vague information on the home page.

The site announces 'check back here during July' – yet the official date is only available by clicking on the 'contact us' page on the site, which brings up 'related FAQs' when you select the Fantasy Premier League section.

The obscurity of the information, as well as the delay, has led to some asking why it could not simply be on the home page.

The site has also completed a cosmetic change to fall in line with official new Premier League branding

Fistandantilus 18-07-2016 08:30:25

Mobile App = shitloads of bugs

MoSe 19-07-2016 13:15:58

registration open

FPL ID 1237

I advise turning color off ;)
all last season features appear to be still there, javascripts will have to be rewritten tho

it does NOT work on IE8 (my company PC which I can't upgrade)
works fine on Chrome, and on my android IE

Funko 19-07-2016 15:20:14

It's REALLY fast.

Funko 19-07-2016 15:20:27

I think they've done a 1 page frontend.

MoSe 19-07-2016 15:29:12

Counterglow League renewed!

mayube we can have a new season topic, with the league code for anyone new to join in, and some brexit pun as thread title? :D

Funko 12-08-2016 14:44:35


Fistandantilus 13-08-2016 11:00:57

I mostly picked at random myself :(

Walrus Feeder 27-09-2016 23:17:49

Wow, leading the table after only 6 games. Not bad at all. Still plenty of potential squad changes going through my mind though for the forthcoming weeks.

MoSe 22-05-2017 11:23:52

well done Walrus, you had me worried there!

thanx all :)


1        2329            5,969        MoSe                WalkalonE XI Team
2        2206          61,539        Walrus Feeder        The Limitation Game
3        2026          489,150        Funko                Monreal Madrid
4        1903        1,148,664        novacane        el Chupacabras
5        1760        2,099,157        End is Forever        Walkden Rovers
6        1717        2,381,901        Debaser        RX-78-2 Gundam
7        1512        3,468,232        Fistandantilus        How about zlat?

Walrus Feeder 22-05-2017 20:27:01

Yeah pretty good season for me overall but awful Gameweek 37 compared to lots of other people. 15pts for Hazard as Triple Captain was terrible and Bench Boost the week before only got me an extra 4pts. Dropped from about 16,500th to 61,539 in last few weeks.

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