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jsorense 29-05-2015 03:21:29

Well, I'm waiting.
What's some good music?
I still like First Aid Kit but then I am a sucker for women singers, :love:

zmama 29-05-2015 14:57:37

Concerts we have coming up: Mark Knopfler, Randy Newman, Foo Fighters with Buddy Guy, Gary Clark Jr, Heart, Joan Jett and others. Last concert we saw was James Cotton and Charlie Musselwhite and John Hammond. Yeah, I know, no new artists ;)

jsorense 29-05-2015 15:40:33

I missed the chance to see Randy Newman in a small venue years ago.
That was a mistake I regret. :violin:

zmama 29-05-2015 16:45:19

I've seen him once before and am excited to see him again. He'll be in Heinz Hall with the Pittsburgh Symphony :D

jsorense 29-05-2015 18:12:32


Originally Posted by zmama (Post 1063134)
Concerts we have coming up: Mark Knopfler, Randy Newman, Foo Fighters with Buddy Guy, Gary Clark Jr, Heart, Joan Jett and others. Last concert we saw was James Cotton and Charlie Musselwhite and John Hammond. Yeah, I know, no new artists ;)

Does zpapa get extra special tickets, back stage passes and all kinds of other payola? :wink wink:

zmama 29-05-2015 19:55:36

Not as much as he used to. Record industry doesn't do that much anymore. It's ok I have memories of when we used to get back stage passes. Stephen Stills bummed a cigarette off of zpapa. I've hugged John Fogarty, Warren Haynes and Little Feat. Best though was sitting backstage in a park and talking cooking with BB King :D

MDA 29-05-2015 20:06:02

Joan Jett, Erie Public Dock, ca. 1988-89

:lol: nostalgia

holy :eek: on the BB King

Saw Tommy Makem in a small venue in Columbus, too... although he's probably only a big deal if you're Irish Catholic. Mrs. MDA picked up a strange love of Scottish and Irish folk music when she lived in Glasgow.

jsorense 30-05-2015 00:53:56


Originally Posted by MDA (Post 1063146)

holy :eek: on the BB King.

RIP Mr. King.

Nobody famous ever hugs me. :(

zmama 31-05-2015 14:59:26

I'm a huggy person ;)

jsorense 01-06-2015 06:04:55

Huggy but not Huggies?

zmama 01-06-2015 14:17:15

Nah, we are well past the Huggies era in our house

jsorense 01-06-2015 16:19:07

From Huggies to Depends in just a few short short years. :(

zmama 01-06-2015 20:04:48

I might need them for the Foo Fighters in July at RFK. Music starts at noon and it's GA so have to get there early to get on the rail ;)

jsorense 01-06-2015 20:36:07

:lol: Good luck.

Noisy 02-06-2015 15:44:09

The Animals, Sweet, Paul Jones, Lindisfarne and Squeeze last Saturday at Concert at the Kings. Let's not talk about average age, but the drummer in The Animals started the band in the year I was born (must have been about 1983, I think?).

jsorense 02-06-2015 17:03:52

The Animals, with Eric Burdon? Cool!

MDA 02-06-2015 20:02:44

They messed up, they could have been Beasts of Burdon.

jsorense 04-06-2015 17:59:23


MDA 04-06-2015 19:22:20

Drink your fiber, you'll feel better soon.

jsorense 04-06-2015 23:30:17

Look out, thar she blows! :P

zmama 04-06-2015 23:34:16

A Metamucil moment?

jsorense 05-06-2015 06:01:51

Maybe a moment of truth. :rolleyes:

Noisy 05-06-2015 15:29:37

Neither Alan Price nor Eric Burdon were in this line-up, and it's been pointed out to me that it was Howard Jones not Paul Jones -an entirely different kettle of fish!

paiktis 10-06-2015 18:32:13

good moosik

C.G.B. Spender 16-06-2015 15:25:50

I'm all the best bands

zmama 16-06-2015 16:40:39

Loud Medicine is the best medicine!

C.G.B. Spender 16-06-2015 17:23:15

Handcrafted stuff and such, And Hanscrafted as well.

jsorense 19-06-2015 01:30:19

Yeah, I'll buy the LP after you rock the Santa Barbara Bowl handcrafter.

zmama 21-06-2015 01:09:45

He's rocking Morgantown :cool:

jsorense 22-06-2015 22:20:45

That's where he belongs.

C.G.B. Spender 23-06-2015 08:45:08

Me belongs to morning Morgantown

jsorense 24-06-2015 21:20:38

R U a radio announcer in WV?

C.G.B. Spender 27-06-2015 13:26:03

You can find my spirit ride the aether all around the world

C.G.B. Spender 27-06-2015 13:26:31

That's the internets now ...

jsorense 27-06-2015 17:11:33

U shore talk gud en-go-lush fer a furnner. :d:

C.G.B. Spender 27-06-2015 17:43:56

It's so aasy, I write it down in low saxon and replace the umlauts ...

zmama 27-06-2015 18:55:38

:lol: I'll remember the hint when I can't spell something.

jsorense 06-07-2015 20:31:22

I'm waiting for a concert review. :violin: :D

zmama 07-07-2015 23:56:31

Dave Grohl, a electric wheelchair tricked out into a Foo Fighters throne. Much laughter, much singing and screaming. Great time had after the rain delay :D
9/10 Would be higher if I hadn't gotten sunburned :beer:

jsorense 08-07-2015 15:21:01

9/10 good.
Sunburn bad.

zmama 08-07-2015 17:51:22

Plus we had Buddy Guy and Trombone Shorty, way cool :cool:

C.G.B. Spender 08-07-2015 20:28:38

That's a very female review.
I thought Buddy Guy was dead already! If not he's older than Finn Willi (5)'s grampa. And even older than his dad!!!!

C.G.B. Spender 08-07-2015 20:29:37

And he's much older than Jimi Hendrix. Oh boy ...

zmama 09-07-2015 00:00:48

Buddy is 78, still plays so good!

Koshko 10-07-2015 00:55:33

Blues players seem to have more longevity than most other types of musicians.

jsorense 12-07-2015 18:03:23

Ah, you aren't taking I to account the huge attrition rate.

C.G.B. Spender 12-07-2015 20:17:38

The deal with the devil is the dangerous part

C.G.B. Spender 14-07-2015 19:31:27

This forum is slow, innit?

zmama 14-07-2015 19:53:40

The devil is slowing it down, must be.

C.G.B. Spender 14-07-2015 21:02:54

You make a remark about a cool new musician here and - whoops, he dies of old age!

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