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C.G.B. Spender 19-06-2014 21:16:25

Football's coming home

Funko 20-06-2014 08:26:36


Group of death.

mr_B 20-06-2014 08:27:44

what's the average reaction in England?

Funko 20-06-2014 08:37:37

Mild disappointment.

I don't think before the tournament many people really thought we were going to get out of the group, URGay having such a bad first game, and us playing quite well against Italy gave us a bit of hope.

Finn Willi (5) 20-06-2014 09:09:20

Nice match though. Both teams were good.

Funko 20-06-2014 09:29:51

Uruguay really got it right tactically. Pressed our defenders hard, high up the pitch, correctly realising that they aren't quite technically good enough to cope with that. Put extra men in midfield, used Cavani to disrupt Gerrard.

But still in both games it was incredibly close, they should have had their captain sent off for a second yellow card, Rooney hit the bar in both games we came close and we have a very new, young side in transition.

2010 was much more depressing even though we stayed in for longer, because we were so dull and uninspiring and playing much lower quality teams.

Fistandantilus 20-06-2014 09:34:51


Originally Posted by Funko (Post 1056119)
...2010 was much more depressing even though we stayed in for longer...

You can still win the fucking cup! God this negativity, so british.


Funko 20-06-2014 09:38:19


Venom 20-06-2014 11:38:33

You needed Sterling and Sturridge to be as aggressive as they were against Italy and they weren't. Part of that is because of the urgay tactics as you mentioned, but overall they weren't as good as last game. It's amazing how much direct, aggressive dribbling can unlock even an good, organized defense.

But hey, it was miles better than the usual knock it about the back with 5 yard passes for 5 minutes and then launch a ball into a box packed with 6 defenders and 2 attackers that happens too often.

Funko 20-06-2014 18:12:29

Thanks a lot Italy.

Venom 20-06-2014 18:28:26

Costa Rica was aggressive, but Italy was poor. I think they tanked it on purpose.

Koshko 20-06-2014 21:21:36

mr_B 21-06-2014 07:49:23

3.674.209 inhabitants, unbelievable

Fistandantilus 21-06-2014 08:52:37


Originally Posted by Funko (Post 1056129)
Thanks a lot Italy.


Fistandantilus 23-06-2014 00:01:45

Seriously USA? Aren't you supposed to lose at 'soccer'?

Venom 23-06-2014 01:42:00

That was a loss. Between giving it up at the end, and the Ghana - Germany result, we're in trouble now.

Koshko 23-06-2014 04:56:00

If Germany and US just quietly agree to not do shit in the game, they both advance.

Koshko 23-06-2014 04:56:21

mr_B 23-06-2014 07:40:28

Would be lekker if Portugal would be kicked out

Funko 23-06-2014 08:43:45


Funko 23-06-2014 08:44:17

Can Germany go out? That'd be best.

Venom 23-06-2014 11:16:21

If we were to beat Germany by...2 or more goals, and Ghana were to blitz Portugal by 3 or 4, then possibly.

Basically Germany has to lose and Ghana has to win, and somewhere in that equation a 5 goal goal difference needs to be made up.

mr_B 23-06-2014 14:10:16

so, let's do it

MDA 23-06-2014 15:22:14


Originally Posted by mr_B (Post 1056186)
so, let's do it

That sounds familiar.

C.G.B. Spender 23-06-2014 17:52:52

Yeah, 1974 allover again

paiktis 29-06-2014 17:43:43

the italy -england game was one of the very few I saw and one i enjoyed very much.

that said, I hope the flight back home was uneventful for both of you :D

MDA 29-06-2014 18:07:48

Netherlands, 87th minute heart stopper. :beer:

Edit: "The Netherlands had somethin' in dem, an dey squeezed it out". :lol:

Venom 29-06-2014 23:02:59

Hup Holland!

Funko 30-06-2014 08:18:32

I guess Pieter died during that match.

Venom 30-06-2014 11:35:22

Double bonus!

mr_B 30-06-2014 16:23:24

:lol: fu venompje

Football is a game played by 22 players and in the end the Dutch win.
Bet you wore the orange with pride yesterday

mr_B 30-06-2014 16:25:33

avtually after the 1-0 from mechico i was quite convinced we would win the game

Venom 30-06-2014 17:07:20

I did.

It was also hilarious because we have van Nistelrooy in the ESPN studio after/between games and Ruud and some mexican dude were trying to argue ever so politely about the penalty call.

mr_B 30-06-2014 18:17:21

5 days and the Dutch will show the Angliesj how to beat Costa Rica

MDA 30-06-2014 19:42:59

It's also called soccer instead of football when you play without falling to the ground in agony every time someone gets into your personal space.

mr_B 30-06-2014 22:51:14


MDA 01-07-2014 22:33:07

fffffffff congratulations Belgium

Venom 01-07-2014 22:34:49

Welp, that's that. We were poor and deserved to lose. But dang that sucks.

Venom 01-07-2014 22:37:13

Hold on a minute playa! 2-1!

Fistandantilus 01-07-2014 22:59:31

Yedlin is a hell of a player, why was he sitting on the bench the first three games? Wondo was awful tho. Great match anyway, kudos to the us for believing till the end

Venom 02-07-2014 02:17:05

Yeah, he was a live wire. I'm not sure Klinnsman had his tactics and lineup right this game in general.

I didn't expect to win, but I also didn't expect to get dominated the entire game, and I think our tactics had a lot to do with that. Plus our midfield couldn't pass or trap, which makes keeping possession difficult.

Funko 02-07-2014 09:15:29

Pfffff. I thought you were excellent. It's a team of very limited ability up against a very good Belgian side. Belgium might not have been slamming goals in but they've been very, solid extremely hard to score against and winning, just like they did in qualifying.

The organisation and exceptional work rate of the players and the Secretary of Defence kept you in the game, and you had chances to take it to penalties at the end.

Getting out of that group and being in the game against Belgium on 120 mins is better than anyone in the world expected before the tournament. You guys should be proud of the team.

The pundits on our TV were gushing about the US team, not for the quality of play, but the determination, teamwork, never say die attitude. Extra time was probably the most entertaining 30 mins of the tournament. :beer:

Funko 02-07-2014 09:20:43

Classic cup football.

Venom 02-07-2014 11:40:52

I think all of those things are true, and I think the guys on the fields worked their asses off. I'm just not sure Klinnsman helped them much at all.

Finn Willi (5) 02-07-2014 12:13:03

Why, should he? Wouldn't that be against the rules?

Venom 02-07-2014 12:15:48

It's only cheating if you get caught.

Finn Willi (5) 02-07-2014 12:26:03


Funko 02-07-2014 12:41:23

You would have brought him on to take a penalty!

I don't think he's just a motivator, but he must have at least had a lot to do with the intensity of the performance (thinking back to Germany 2006 as well). And what he did was working, and very nearly worked.

As you said Venom, your choices are limited when your midfielders are of moderate ability.

Though I did think Michael Bradley was excellent.

Venom 02-07-2014 12:52:30

On Bradley I cannot agree. His work rate was excellent, but he was a turnover machine. His passing was terrifically inaccurate as was his control. As said, we're limited in that area, but that made his play only hurt the worse. We have no one better than him. But he needed to be our best player. And with no Donovan, Bradley needed to be the driving force going forward. You could see it, he'd drop deep, everyone would defer and give him the ball, and he'd give it away. Yedlin (and Fabian Johnson) and even Beasely were far more effective down the flanks, and I don't think anyone would have guessed that before the tournament.

Jermaine Jones was our best field player, I think.

mr_B 02-07-2014 14:33:45

beaten by Colon
the shame the shame

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