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Nav 22-03-2014 16:39:23

CG Meet - London? May 2nd/3rd?
Think we should do this, especially with RC being deported - has been a long time since our last traditional Round Table + wonkies ritual.

Maybe some people will even travel from afar (to ensure RC can't come back)!

mr_B 22-03-2014 19:16:25

I'll be there

zmama 23-03-2014 14:00:50

Venom will be there

Venom 24-03-2014 00:16:26

I'm already there!

jsorense 24-03-2014 03:11:33

I won't be there until September. :(

Lurker 24-03-2014 15:06:49

I ain't flying again until they find that damned airplane.

Fistandantilus 25-03-2014 00:08:40

Ships are an option.

MDA 25-03-2014 02:39:06

wooden ships, on the water, very free

Mr. Bas 25-03-2014 13:16:13

Good plan, and up for it in principle - depending on timing and all that, of course. :beer:

Nav 26-03-2014 15:06:05

Propose some dates! :)

Lurker 26-03-2014 17:49:34

May 18
May 19

May 26
May 28

June 7

mr_B 26-03-2014 19:03:36

that may be ok

Funko 26-03-2014 22:26:49

Most of those aren't weekends but June 7th is good

Funko 26-03-2014 22:27:03

The weekends near those may dates ok too

Mr. Bas 01-04-2014 08:13:12

As it stands, 9-11 May, 20-22 June and 27-29 June are still completely free, a bunch of other weekends around that time might be possible but not sure yet.

25-27 April, 23-25 May, 30 May-1 June, 6-8 June and 13-15 June are all definitely out for me.

MOBIUS 01-04-2014 12:40:29

can't do 9-11th May (passing through on the 8th and 12th), as I'll be in France and Belgium looking at WWI stuff but the other weekends are good - basically any weekend is good apart from the above one.

Funko 02-04-2014 16:21:42

May 2nd is Reading Beer festival.

Mr. Bas 02-04-2014 17:38:39

Mmm.... beer.

Funko 08-04-2014 09:03:01

Sorry haven't been here, any other feelings on this?

Mr. Bas 08-04-2014 11:55:31

I could do the Beer festival, probably not the entire 1-4 May but definitely a day or two. If anyone else is up for it, great - or if many people are up for a meet any of the other weekends I mentioned, that would work for me as well. :beer:

MOBIUS 08-04-2014 12:52:57


Beer festival sounds like a tailor-made excuse for a CG meet.:beer:

Mr. Bas 08-04-2014 13:59:45

Mike, I guess you'd prefer just the weekend days, right?

Funko 08-04-2014 14:29:15

I am definitely going on the Friday, that's the best day to go...

Funko 08-04-2014 14:29:34

I would say multiple days there is a challenge!

Mr. Bas 08-04-2014 14:54:51

Alright, I hereby confirm that I am in, arriving early afternoon on Friday. That is, if I can claim a bed for a night or two :beer:

Funko 08-04-2014 15:22:17


I think I might be heading to the Army vs Navy rugby game at Twickenham on the Saturday with work.

Funko 08-04-2014 15:22:56

That potentially means I could make Saturday evening in London too.

Funko 08-04-2014 15:36:58

Advance tickets :

I am probably going to go very soon to opening on the Friday, it's right by the station, so you could come straight there?

Mr. Bas 08-04-2014 15:38:03

Great, and all fine with me. As I said, I should arrive in Reading on friday early afternoon-ish, and I will be flying back from Birmingham on sunday evening - flexible in the meantime.

Jesjes :beer:

Funko 09-04-2014 13:00:36

ok cool, the earlier in the afternoon the better. :beer:

Funko 10-04-2014 08:53:19

Anyone else?

Bas - get an advance ticket, it's just an e-ticket, but there might be a queue by the time you get there and it's priority entry, and ends up cheaper with the beer tokens you get.

Funko 10-04-2014 09:09:41

and May 3rd in London potentially?

mr_B 10-04-2014 20:29:17

dammit i am focked up with work till the end of may

Mr. Bas 11-04-2014 00:11:07

It's a weekend. What are you complaining about? This is not the time to be a cowardly bubbler.

Nav 11-04-2014 12:55:02

I'm up for May 3rd. Have texted RC to see if he can make it (after all it's supposed to be his leaving do!)

It's great that I predicted the date correctly in my original post.

Funko 11-04-2014 14:42:29

Yes. Well done.

Funko 11-04-2014 14:42:54

Bring your laptop Pieter.

Funko 11-04-2014 14:45:35

Mr. Bas 11-04-2014 16:38:55

Just to check, the plan is beer festival on the 2nd, and meeting up in London on the 3rd, right? I wouldn't want to Drekkus up my planning, of course.

zmama 11-04-2014 17:22:59

Sounds like you'll have to get your beer muscles in shape! :beer:

Mr. Bas 11-04-2014 17:36:44

Luckily, East Germany is the perfect spot to work on that :beer:

Funko 12-04-2014 06:49:56


Originally Posted by Mr. Bas (Post 1054828)
Just to check, the plan is beer festival on the 2nd, and meeting up in London on the 3rd, right? I wouldn't want to Drekkus up my planning, of course.


MOBIUS 15-04-2014 09:55:14


Funko 15-04-2014 15:16:19

Are you in?

Resource Consumer 24-04-2014 11:41:19

I will need to check for permission for 3rd May.

Funko 24-04-2014 12:15:23

I haven't actually got Noisy's phone number :o

Found I am connected with him on LinkedIn so messaged him there if anyone does have his number can they text him?

Resource Consumer 24-04-2014 22:36:32

I saw Nav's comment above. I am now on a totally different number. He probably texted a granny in Middlesborough

Venom 25-04-2014 12:14:50

I thought you said you changed numbers?

Resource Consumer 27-04-2014 23:08:26

Permission has now been granted. What's the arrangement on Saturday? (will probably need to bail early evening-ish)

Funko 28-04-2014 10:29:54

I have got this Rugby thing in the afternoon so I might only arrive early evening-ish, I hope our paths cross.

Bas is going to be in Reading on Friday, I'll be heading into Twickenham for Rugby around midday-ish. I could stick him on a train to Paddington then?

Bas - do you want a place to stay in Reading on Saturday night too?

My suggestion would be Round Table at 2pm, why break with tradition.

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