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Lurker 29-06-2012 17:45:07

Hardware Issue
Any ideas what would make my CPU temperature run crazy hot, like 88 degrees celsius, when not under any load? Fans are all working, dust blown out, etc.

Can a heat sink be bad or is it likely just a faulty processor?

Thank you very much in advance for your thoughtful guidance. :beer:

Venom 29-06-2012 19:17:24

Unlikely that a heat sink would go bad. Unless it's like, physically broken or something with missing pieces and all. Typically that's a fan/airflow issue. You said the fans are blowing, but are they moving a good amount of air? You sure there's no load on the processor? There's not some hidden process or virus or something using the hell out of your CPU?

Lurker 29-06-2012 19:51:24

That's what I figured. I think I fixed it -- the heat sink wasn't affixed firmly to the processor so I took it off and re-installed it with new thermal paste. It is cooler now.

Whatever those things are called that you attach the the heatsink to the MB with suck. Plus my hands are too damn big for that kind of work.


paiktis 30-06-2012 14:15:29

Out of curiosity, what brand of thermal paste did you use?

Lurker 30-06-2012 15:05:06

Something I got at Radio Shack -- Ceramique, made by Arctic Silver.

mr_G 08-03-2015 23:16:12


MattHiggs 18-03-2015 10:13:05

Climate change.

jsorense 18-03-2015 19:49:09


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