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MDA 27-04-2012 20:05:19

Leaving Forever, NYC
Might take pictures if I can bring myself to risk being killed for a camera. I guess if it's not an iPhone, I might be safe. Then again, an iPhone can be remotely located and/or bricked.

Taking the train up, which I like, but I never really cared to go to New York City. I'll enjoy the food, no doubt.

zmama 27-04-2012 21:34:41

I dunno, do they have currywurst?

jsorense 28-04-2012 16:57:30

There are lots of tall, white, blonde people in Scandinavia: FACT.

zmama 28-04-2012 18:48:11

Really?! How odd

Funko 28-04-2012 21:05:30

Say hi to Spider-Man!

zmama 29-04-2012 19:32:20

Sigh, I wish I were going to NYC

Poison Arrow Frog 30-04-2012 00:08:20

Spit off the top of the Empire State Building for me.

MDA 02-05-2012 12:40:29

Still alive! UN visit today.

One runin with young men in colored bandanas but they were more interested in each other than us. Blue vs. orange, I think. I didn't stick around to take notes. Tenement museum is also in dodgy neighborhood, but manageable.

MDA 04-05-2012 12:17:21

Subways: oddly endearing bouquet of garbage, BO, and dope; rats clearly visible because idiots allow people to take food down there

Food: John's Pizza, Essa bagels, missed out on Katz's (wrong turn, scary neighborhood), red velvet cake and a giant chocolate chip cookie from some bakery I forget the name of (was a chain).

Show: How to Succeed in Business, with that nice Jonas Brother, "7/10" (harr); I'm not really the guy to ask about Broadway Shows (dress codes are apparently no longer a thing, 10/10)

Hotel: fine (swanky lobby), Marriott attached to Grand Central Station, convenient for sure

London weather, guess that was to balance last year's good weather in London

Ground Zero tour was difficult, and I have no personal stake. They just surpassed Empire State for height of the new construction this week. Guides were all responders or survivors of 9/11.

No one in New York speaks English as their first language. No one. :p

Pass on the NY Library tour (should have been obvious, it's a library). Just spend a few minutes walking around, maybe, it's a neat place.

Occupy Wall Street people: you're hilarious, and ripe :gasmaske: It's sweet that you think your protest will change human nature.

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