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MDA 27-02-2012 12:11:37

I figured, for six bucks, what could go wrong?

I lost an entire day playing and got my clock cleaned on normal difficulty every other game. Starting position is everything.

I also got MoM for the same price.

Fistandantilus 27-02-2012 14:13:42

Do you need an emulator or works on Seven?

MDA 27-02-2012 14:42:08

I downloaded it from GoG, it came with/ran immediately in DosBox just fine for me in Seven. I didn't have to fiddle with anything.

If I minimized to look at the manual or ship ID/copy protection card it wouldn't go back to fullscreen, so I printed out a couple of tables from the manual and the ID card to avoid having to save, quit, and relaunch. Then it proceeded to eat my day.

Cheshire Cat 27-02-2012 17:23:53

I have Moo1 installed on wokPC under XP
runs in cmd dos box full screen only, restores to full screen when I have to switch to work now and then

I use it to fill in the time when I have to wait the work applications which spend half their time in hourglass...

I only play in impossible - huge - five with Psilons
since I know I can beat it, and ust it as a fun pastime, I DO save and reload very often
no need to test my skill, just enjoy kicking ass easily as compensation when i'd want to bonk some colleague head instead


MDA 29-02-2012 16:54:28

The AI has an odd habit of attacking me without declaring war in some games. I even had a non-aggression pact with the silicoids, they still attacked, and the treaty remained in effect with no declaration. They erased Meklon with death spores, and I still couldn't get anyone to ally with me against them. Very odd, or very clever. As a reward, I erased them last.

Odd game, missile tech came easy, but the first bomb I was able to get was neutronium.

Unlike Moo2, small ships actually have their uses.

JM^3 02-03-2012 11:53:49

I already bought MOM twice, I don't intend to buy it again!

Why can't someone make a real improvement to it?

(I guess AoW:ShadowMagic was close)


MDA 02-03-2012 13:42:26

I never paid for MoM, I grabbed it off of underdogs a few years ago. Pretty great game, especially for something made last century. I played it on an old laptop a lot when we were on long trips.

I played AoW, but never got around to Shadow Magic. I got frustrated with the late campaign of the original game.

Moo 1 and 2 are both a lot of fun. Moo 1 seemed to do a lot of things better than 2 (I guess I like sliders). Weapons and combat seem a lot more balanced as opposed to the bigger is (nearly) always better I get in Moo2. Even though it seems like being able to pick specific research targets would be better for strategy, I have more fun with the randomness of research in Moo 1. Depending on what comes up, I have to adjust my gameplay, instead of starting each one with the same tried-and-true research plan. What a horrible looking sentence.

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